In this video a leading surgeon from Costa Rica explains breast augmentation surgery and the ideal candidature for the same.

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Breast Implant Surgery in Costa Rica

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“Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most common procedures. We use implants approved by the FDA. We use…here, are my favourite, I have had good experience with the implants. It is important to understand that every patient is different.

I will place the implants under the muscle, in either place or the implants above the muscle, it depends on the patient. For most of the patients, I place the implants with a very small wound in the infra-mammary breast crease.

Also, around the areola, there is another possibility, for most of the patients but it depends on the patient for example, if the girl needs a breast lift with a…breast implant in the place…breast augmentation is one of the most common procedures, the recovery is approximately 8 days, you can stay in the country for 8 days, if and only if the patient has enough time.”

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