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Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in Turkey

In this video, a renowned aesthetic surgeon talks about his specialization in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery in Turkey.

The surgeon is a professor in plastic surgery.  He attends at least one symposium or meeting on plastic surgery, every year.  He has submitted 50 to 55 papers and has some articles in literature also.

Check out the video of the surgeon where he shares his experience about his educational and professional journey until now.

Following is the video narration of plastic surgeon in Turkey

“I am professor of plastic surgery. Well I was educated here in Turkey and I graduated from medical school in 86 and then in 1990 I started my specialty in plastic surgery. I finished it in 1995 and then I spent some time in other field hospitals.

Then I started my assistant professor, as an assistant professor in 1997, finished it in 2003 and at that time I got my academic, I became associate professor and last year I became professor in plastic surgery. During this time I spent a year as an observer, sometimes I joined the operations. In 1989 I was in the US again. At that time, I spent six months in advance officer’s course in medical field.

In each year I attend at least one symposium or meeting about the plastic surgery in every field. I have some articles in the literature. It is about fifty or fifty five as a paper and at least in the country and once outside our country I attend meetings let’s say for example, I was in US twice and before that time in 2003 I was in Germany and 2005 I was in Pakistan.

We join meetings as much as we can but we are so busy here it’s fairly any time for…. We can do here every kind of procedures in plastic surgery, even both in reconstructive plastic surgery or in aesthetic plastic surgery. As you know that public do not know about the plastic surgery much because they think it’s composed of mostly ……’s just a part of plastic surgery.

If we talk about aesthetic surgery, we can do any kind of operation here in this hospital. It’s very easy. If we start from head to the toe, we can do ….I mean facial plastic surgery including rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, neck lifts, mid face lifts and there are also….ear and then we get down to the breasts, we can do augmentation, reduction, also augmentation and mastopexy. At the same time in the man we can do gynecomastia reduction.

Then we get to the tummy tuck, we can do liposuction, inner thigh lift, back lift and we can also do liposuction at the ankles  and we can do cuff augmentations. Then when we get to the up, brachioplasty also we can do it. So that’s all for the aesthetic surgery I think.
And when we get to the reconstructive plastic surgery we can make flap surgery, even the local flaps or distant flaps, microsurgery also…
Nowadays in our country surgeons do not do but we trained about hypospadias repair …..the urethra is under the penis, it’s not at the top, it’s a congenital .., we can do it. Of course reconstruction of head and neck surgery…”

The aesthetic surgeon performs all kinds of plastic surgeries like rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, neck lifts, mid face lifts, ear plastic surgery, breast augmentation and reduction, tummy tuck surgery, liposuction, inner thigh lift, back lift, liposuction at the ankles, cuff augmentations, flap surgery for both local flaps or distant flaps and also microsurgery. In addition to this, reconstruction of head and neck surgery is also done in the hospital.

Patients from different countries visit Turkey for all types of plastic and cosmetic surgeries.  Well-trained doctors and use of advanced technology in the hospitals attracts lot of medical tourists to Turkey for reconstructive plastic surgery at affordable cost.

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