Bariatric Surgery in Super-Obese and Candidacy – Tijuana WLS Surgeon

In this video Dr. Jorge Green, a weight loss surgeon from Tijuana, Mexico talks about who are candidates for bariatric surgery. He also talks about bariatric surgery for the super obese (individuals with high body mass index (BMI)).


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Video Transcription

Who is a good candidate for Weight Loss Surgery?

Well, a patient is a candidate for weight loss surgery when his body mass index (BMI) is 35 or above. And sometime when the patient has lower body mass index but has comorbidities as bad control diabetes, a high blood pressure, sleep apnea and reflux, sometimes we do perform the surgery even when the patient has a lower body mass index. And all those disease get better when you lose the weight and we do perform the surgery to achieve that goal.”

Can someone with a high BMI qualify for bariatric surgery?

Of course the super obese patients are candidates for the surgery. When they lose weight, they get better and the comorbidities are joints, pains, and all of the diseases we talk about a few mins ago. And surgery is not really different, might be technically a bit more difficult because of the size of the body and abdominal wall. But, the surgery process is the same.”

Here is another video in which Dr. Green explains measures taken to ensure safety of bariatric patients in Tijuana, Mexico.

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