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Vertical Sleeve (VSG) in TJ, Mexico Reviewed by Chelsea from Texas

Chelsea Carpenter from Texas reviews gastric sleeve in Tijuana, Mexico.

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Video Transcription

“My name is Chelsea Carpenter. And I am from the beautiful state of Texas and made it here to Tijuana to have the gastric sleeve. And you know first I was a little nervous or apprehensive just because I knew that the life change was going to be extreme. Food was going to be restricted. But after reading everything on the Medical Tourism Co website and looking at all the testimonials, all the other patients that had done this … You now it just kind of made sense to me. I think it was the right choice for me. 

“I could have had the surgery done back home. My insurance may or may not have covered that. I am not sure. Honestly, I did not even look into it. When I found this place, I kind of wanted to tie in a little vacation and relaxation into the trip which that did not really turn out. But it has been a lovely experience. Everyone is really nice. They take care of you right from the start. And the prices are a lot more reasonable here than doing it in the States. So I think it was a good choice that we made

“I think that from the research that we had done the gastric sleeve surgery could have been anywhere from $14,000 to $20,000 in Texas and so here everything all-inclusive – meals, transportation, all the people you needed to take you to and from and your hotel stay – everything all together was $4,000. So that just seems to really make a lot of sense to me. 

“The service that the company has provided has been wonderful. Of course it sometimes might make you nervous if you don’t get to see the doctor prior to your surgery but we had a lot of emails going back and forth asking questions. I had a liaison, I had a driver contact me, I had a nutritionist contact me, the surgeon contacted me and so I felt very comfortable that they knew everything they needed to know about me prior to my arrival. So if I did have any worries, all of that was eliminated. 

“In Tijuana which I have never been to before it is very beautiful. It reminds me a little bit of Austin, Texas. We have spent a lot of time in Austin. And we got into a room and it was clean and beautiful. The view was outstanding of a golf course. So you don’t get that, sorry! But I did! And then in the hospital the nurses were cleaning it two-to three times a day. Everything was spick and span and clean. Very attentive. They took care of me in anything I needed. So I pushed a button and there was someone right there. So I have nothing to add that could make their service better unless they could somehow liquefy cheesecake. 

“Yes, I definitely want to recommend this service to some of my friends. I am school teacher in Texas and school teachers have a really hard time at it. We have to eat on the go, we don’t get to eat very often and when we do it is usually cupcakes and chips and chocolate and soda. So it is not a really healthy lifestyle. You have to really work at it to be a school teacher and have a healthy lifestyle. So I have many friends that I would tell about this experience.

“In fact, they are waiting to hear back from me as soon as I get home. So maybe I will be able to come back accompanying someone having surgery.”

Here is another video in which a couple from Texas discusses its vertical sleeve surgery experience in TJ, Mexico.

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