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Texas Couple Reviews Sleeve Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana – Mexico (Part 1)

Part 1 of two part video series of a couple from Lumberton, Texas – Coy and Susan Collins – reviewing gastric sleeve bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.

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Video Transcription 

Coy – I am Coy Collins and this is my wife.

Susan – Susan Collins. We are from Lumberton, Texas.

Coy – We came down to have the gastric sleeve surgery…the bariatric surgery. We actually consulted with a bariatric surgeon there in our area. And there was no way that we could have received the quality of services that we got here especially for the price that we got. It was extremely professional experience here in Tijuana. We have a lot of recommendations.

Susan – I personally felt like from our first contact with Cyrel who walked us through every step, I felt like we mattered. We were more than just another case, just another number. Everyone we have come across seems to be really concerned about us and our success, and our progress – how we have done so far.

Coy – Actually we found out about this through our doctor back home. My wife went in for her yearly check-up and she is pre-diabetic and I am diabetic and we both have hypertension. I have had two knee replacements because of being obese. And the orthopedic surgeon has told me the reason behind my knees were out was obesity. And if I did not do something about it, the implants they put in there would not last. They would wear out soon themselves. And our doctor back home as I was saying opened a conversation with her about the bariatric surgery here in Mexico because he has had several patients come down here. And we were very happy with it. He pit one of Dr. Camelo’s patients who had come down here in touch with us. And had us speak with him first hand to find out how he felt about the surgery. He was very encouraging. He talked about Cyrel who was our first contact person and provided us all kind of information. It was just overwhelming how the information that … anything we requested we immediately received.

Susan – And let me add Karen you have been just incredible. You stayed with us at the hospital, you stayed with me when I was so nervous. And you stayed in there and helped me calm down. And I went through little tears just because of my anxiety. But you truly cared. And that came through. And that touched me very deeply. And I can’t thank you enough.

Coy – It was almost like a family experience. Never once did I feel like that anyone was helping me or working over me just for the money. They were doing it just because they actually cared for me. Dr. Camelo and Dr. Reyna (hope I pronounced his name correctly) and Rosa and all the nursing staff were extremely professional. I actually pushed my call button I think one time and before even the bell got through ringing the nurse was there at the door to check on me. We received better care here than I have ever received at any American hospital. Like I said I have had back surgery, I have had eye surgery, I have had two hand surgeries last year, I have had two knee surgeries and never anywhere that I have been operated upon did I receive care and compassion that I received here at the Tijuana hospital.

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