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Vertical Sleeve in TJ, Mexico Reviewed by Althea

Watch this video in which Althea from Iowa, United States reviews vertical gastric sleeve in Tijuana, Mexico. A pre-diabetic, she highlights saving whooping $15,000 over weight loss surgery in Mexico rather than having it in the US.

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Video Transcription
“Hi I am Althea. I am from the United States. I live in Iowa. I came here to have the vertical sleeve gastrectomy done.”

Why Tijuana for Bariatric Surgery
“The prices are much better here. Insurance does not cover it in the United States and I really wanted to get this done not only to lose weight but also to avoid diabetes later on because I am pre-diabetic.”

What made her choose Med. Tourism Co. over other companies?
“I did a lot of investigating before I did this. And I felt like there was a lot of support with Medical Tourism Co. And I found that there really was a lot of support all the way through the process. The communication was very good. It has been all along. I have been very happy about that. I decided to come down by myself and I have felt very safe and secure the whole time.”

On how much she saved by having gastric sleeve in Mexico rather than in the United States
“Gosh! Probably about $15,000.”

What she thought of the doctors
“I think they are very talented and very easy work with.”

On the hotel booked by MTC for her stay
“The hotel accommodation was great. Very clean.”

On her overall experience
“All I want to say is thank you for being there with me throughout the process. And hopefully all this weight will be over over the next two months.”

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