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Hamid from Vegas Reviews Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana – Mexico

Hamid Firouzdar, a resident of Las Vegas talks about his Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana – Mexico. He describes his experience of getting Gastric Sleeve Surgery by Dr. Gonzalez.


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Video Transcription

“My name is Hamid Firouzdar and I’m coming from Las Vegas. I had the gastric sleeve surgery and it was done on the 2nd, Friday the 2nd. And today is the first day that I’ve been released from the hospital, right now I’m in the hotel and I’m going back to Vegas tomorrow. I had a.. it was  very fast decision, let’s… I would say like 2 weeks ago I had a client, you know I’m in the clothing business and I had a client who came to me and wanted to some clothing shopping. Uh.. when he removed his clothes so he can try the new stuff, I noticed a little holes and I asked him if he had any procedure and he said yes, I had the weight loss surgery, it was him and his wife and he said that he.. and the guy was in his 60’s, Mr. Fox, he was one of your clients. And he said that I lost over 45 pounds um.. within 5 weeks and then he gave me more details about how he did it, I asked him about the prices, where he did it, how did it go, how painless it was and he was a happy man he gave me every detail. He referred me to you guys, he you know, put me in touch with your clinic and I went from there within a week, everything was set up, I went on… I went on my diet and Friday was exactly a week, after a week I got in touch with the surgeon and I did my procedure.

It was a nice clinic, it was a.. it had a very caring staff, um.. every nurse was very you know, caring, they took care of me every moment I called on them and they were very supportive and it went very well. Mr. Gonzalez… research about him before I make a trip here. Um.. I watched his videos on youtube, he was the same person in person, very nice guy, he talked to me, he made it sound very easy and luckily I met him moments before I leave the hospital at the clinic and he told me like everything went well, he showed me the x-ray, he said congratulations on the new stomach.

And I asked him if there was something else going on inside me and he said everything else was fine, you are going to look and feel better after a while, after you go on your diet. Friendly, you know it’s the more important thing to me more than doing your job is to be friendly and these guys were great. You know, things are a little bit different you know than, than in the US. Over here you feel… you feel comfortable in a different way. I mean nurses, they were very caring, the staff, they were very caring and friendly, that’s how I feel comfortable. I mean this is not my city, this is not my country but I.. I feel like home.

Uh.. it’s very pricier in the US, yes. I don’t know average it costs between 12, 14, 15 thousand dollars, uh.. it cost me almost like four grand, I mean with transportation and all that, I would say between 4 to 5 thousand dollars and it’s more reasonable, it’s out of pocket so I don’t know as far as the finance is on you it’s like, sounds like it’s paying out of pocket uh..versus in The States we got to be dealing with the insurance and it’s very hard actually I make.. before I.. before I make up my mind about you guys I called my insurance and then they said, you got to be on some diet for like 6 months, if it works out we go with the procedure, if not, you got to pay out of pocket plus all the deductibles. Even with the deductibles it was not even close… what it cost me over here in Mexico. 

So I do recommend if you guys uh.. want to do it, just you know take the effort and come here. I mean if you live nearby it’s even better, like me it was like an hour flight to San Diego and later one of your staff picked me up and everything went painless.”

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