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David from Tulsa Reviews Tijuana – Mexico for Vertical Sleeve Surgery

Watch this video of David from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He talks about his Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico, Baja – California, as well as his experiences with the doctors, surgeons, and facilities provided at the clinic.

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Video Transcription
“My name is David Ferrel and I am coming from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I had the vertical sleeve surgery for weight loss. I actually think I just responded to a random email that I had gotten. Cyril, my case manager was very quick in responding to pretty much every email; she responded almost within the hour every time, no matter what time.”

When asked about research
“I actually did probably 6 months of research between doctors back at home and doctors here and decided that more.. actually better reviews than some of the doctors back at home. I looked at home but it’s like 14-15 thousand Dollars there so that was a big factor. Almost 10 thousand Dollars saved down here.”

When asked about staff and services
“They were very quick to come and answer questions and the anesthesiologist was hilarious. I don’t know what music he was playing when I went into the surgery, you know into the operating room. But it was an old song and he said, “Ok David, poof… I was gone.”

When asked about the Destination Manager
“She was good, she pretty much did everything I asked her to and she bugged me sometimes but that’s good, that’s what you want somebody just trying to make sure that everything is good for you.”

When asked about the overall experience
“I thought that overall it was a very enjoyable experience. I am actually able to move more than I thought I was going to after the surgery so that means they did a good job and we are actually going to be planning something else down here because it was such a good experience. Absolutely I would recommend them to anybody that needs anything to check down here before they just decide somewhere in The States.”

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