Testimonial – Root Canal Treatment and Dental Crowns in Patong – Thailand

Here is another testimonial on Patong – Phuket, Thailand. Read what Carline Garin (Australia/France) has to say about getting dental crowns and root canal treatment in Patong, a beautiful resort city in the Thai province of Phuket.

Caroline Garin - Australia

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“A huge thank you to all the team for your fantastic services and your patience with me (yeah I wasn;t an easy client). Not worry to smile on pictures anymore, thank you. I’ll advice this clinic to everyone!!! Merci encore pour tout

Thank you thank you

Thank you!
Caroline (Frenchie)

(Australia / France)

Caroline's Review-RCT and Dental-Crowns Patong Phuket-Thailand

We work with one of the top dental clinics of Patong which boasts of state-of-the-art dental and sterilization equipment. The clinic has an on-site lab which helps cut treatment time. Another highlight of the facility is ISO 9001:2008 certification for both its office and lab.

The positive feedback on the clinic is complemented by this review of dental crowns in Phuket by an Australian.

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