Guy Hogan from Australia felt that his misshapen front tooth was marring his confidence. To get rid of it and embrace a new sparkling smile, he chose to have his dental work comprising dental crowns, bridges, extractions, cleaning and Zoom whitening at one of the top dental clinics in Patong, Thailand we work with.

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Guy’s review of getting dental crowns and bridges in Patong, Phuket:

"To the team at...Just wanted to say a great big thank you for my new smile. I had 1 front tooth that was not shaped correctly, giving me a bad complex. After a tooth extraction and a 3 tooth bridge, I now feel so happy to smile.

The biggest thing I was scored off was the pain. But I can honestly say there was none, even with the extraction, not like at home in Oz.I was (sic) recommend the dental clinic.
Guy Syd,

The clinic where Guy had his dental work boasts of advanced technology and  an ISO 9001:2008 certification. Here is another testimonial on the services of the dental clinic in Patong, Thailand.

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