Root Canal, Dental Crowns & Mouth Restoration in Cancun

Below is the video testimonial of one of our happy and satisfied medical tourist. Greg from Florida went to Cancun, Mexico for his dental treatment. Medical Tourism Corporation facilitated his dental trip to Cancun.

In the video Greg talks about Cancun dental tourism experience. Greg has multiple dental procedures done in the leading dental clinic in Cancun including root canal, post & crown & mouth reconstruction – restoration.



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Root Canal, Post & Crown and Mouth Restoration Testimonial Transcript

My name is Greg. I was born and raised in Florida and now I came here to Cancun for dental work. Actually I came here in emergency and I met Dr Mauricio Grassi. He did root canal and within a week post and crown. Since then I’ve second root canal, post & crown and also reconstruction of the tooth and I have couple of other procedures coming up.

I am a person very scared of the dentists. I don’t like the drills, I don’t like the sounds, the fillings etc. So naturally fear was there, Dr. Grassi is primarily the best dentist I’ve ever seen in my life. With an injection there is no pain, no suffering. There expertise is beyond comparison. Dr. Grassi and Dr Myers both are excellent dentists in oral surgery and general dentistry.

I don’t have any problem coming here for dental work; you don’t have to pull me in. Here I come of my own and I don’t fear coming to see them. Both of them are very professional both speak my language English.

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