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The Harrison Family – Testimonial on Bariatric Surgery in Mexico Part 2

Check out this review on Weight Loss Surgery by the Harrison family- three daughters and their mother. Ecstatic with their experience, they say they would happily recommend it here!

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Video Transcription

“I am Theresa Harrison. I am from Saskatchewan. Yeah.”

“I am Sarah Fetch and I am from Saskatchewan, Canada.”

“I am Jodie Loster and I am from Regina, Saskatchewan.”

“And I am MaryAnn Harrison, the mother of these three girls. And I am from Saskatchewan.”

TH: “Oh God! The outfits are beyond amazing. I just like…”

SF: “That team is amazing to work on you.”

MH: “He is so caring, like you know…”

JL: “Well, even after, when we were waiting for our shuttle, he could’ve just walked by us like a lot of surgeons would. But he didn’t. He came over, asked us how we’re doing, and checked in on us. There is this stuff that you don’t get anywhere else. So, it was really nice.”

MH: “And when I was talking to him about you…when he would explain any one of my daughters knowing that I was the mum, the whole time he was rubbing my back to make sure I was okay. And so… he’s just so… You know he has his heart into it, that he cares about the outcomes of every patient. And yeah, making sure that we get what we need.”

TH: “The refreshing thing was that not one person was fake. Not one person was fake. It was all genuine.”

MH: “The doctor is super funny though!”

TH: “I was just going to say that Rosa is a hoot. And then, to have you every step of the way, the way you helped us along and explained everything so clearly, like you made it super, super easy! Like, you made it…”

MH: “Whatever we needed, you provided Karen. And it has been… That part alone was just nice. To have that person outside of the hospital. You know, you needed that contact outside the hospital so you could do other things in Tijuana. And, and answer any questions we had that we didn’t think of when we were at the hospital.”

TH: “And, I don’t know if anyone has mentioned to you when with my mom’s previous surgery, we almost lost our other sister. So, when we all came out to get this done…”

JL: “It was a scary thought!”

TH: “It was super, like, nerve wracking. But the moment we met you and all the staff, the doctors, all that went out the window for me.”

SF: “And to have you right at the hotel, to have you right till the hospital, to have you right till the day we leave, to having you today! It was amazing. Thank you!”

TH: “It was awesome, yeah!”

MH: “And to have the doctor come to the hotel and look at us and take care of us… that in itself… you know… anywhere else I have been, you never get that!”

JL: “No follow-up, yeah!”

MH: “To do a house visit.”

TH: “And they are also on call. Like, you have their personal numbers.”

SF: “And girlfriend, we come from a big line! I am sending them your way. For sure.”

TH: “It isn’t just our family that looks like this.”

MH: “Anyone who asks, we will highly recommend MTC.”

JL: “To be honest, I think I would recommend it over Canada!”

All: “Absolutely!”

JL: “With the staff and how you guys treat people over here, I would recommend this over Canada, which was very scary for all of us, I think, leaving the country.”

SF: “And having the nutritionist on call at home, all the time…”

TH: “She’s a sweetheart!”

SF: “And she’s a sweetheart. And when we go home, and having after care, With Regina, you have so many doctors, so many claiming different things, and so many things you have to do and it’s so unrealistic to keep it and to stay with it. And yeah, I just think its way easier to come here.”

TH: “When I showed my sister Rhian, my sister… that’s the one we almost lost… When I showed her, we were facetiming and I showed her the outside, just the outside of Oasis Hospital, and she started laughing and she goes “Holy Goodness! Mine was only a dirty street and a door!”

SF: “But she is even looking to come back for a revision, to get looked at by Dr. Camelo. Um, just to see if everything she did, because where she did, that’s where Dr. Camelo found out that her…  She had a big mess in there. She’s actually considering it!”

MH: “No, I just that people, if you’re thinking of weight loss, this is the place to come! And this is the company to use!”

TH: “Yeah and Karen’s your girl!”

MH: “They take care of you from the time you sign on their website, saying you’d like surgery till the minute you go home and beyond!”

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