Ron Garlick from Ocala, Florida reviews bariatric surgery in Mexico.

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"I am Ron Garlick. I am 51 years old and I am from Ocala, Florida. Basically found out that my insurance in the United States was not going to cover my weight loss surgery. So after doing a lot of research I chose Medical Tourism Co. Feel like it was a great, great decision. Everything from being picked up at the airport to them driving us around and picking up extra medication and I had issues because my body weight was right at 49 and I was slightly below it but they had to argue the fact to get me to under 49 which I really appreciate anyway.

But the service from the word get go has been A1. The hospital was A1. I couldn't have asked for any better service anywhere. I really was pleased. And they have answered every question all the way. We are very, very pleased with what we have done. I am two days after surgery. I am still a little bit sore but it is to be expected. 

I looked up top ten bariatric surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico and Dr. Camelo was in the top, I think, five. And Medical Tourism Co had a great reputation as far as service and what not with him being associated with them. And the doctor whom I had requested I got. And so it ended up working out perfect. Like I have said they have been A1 service since day 1, especially Karen and Hazel. 

The staff was always willing to please in every way they could. You know it is not a huge hospital but it's got everything one needs. The rooms were extremely nice. As nice if not nicer than in the United States. I was very pleased with that."

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