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The Harrison Family Reviews Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

Watch the Harrison family’s review of bariatric surgery in Mexico. These three sisters and their mother came from Saskatchewan, Canada to kick start their new lives.

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Video Transcription

“I am Theresa Harrison. I am from Saskatchewan. Yeah.”

“I am Sarah Fetch and I am from Saskatchewan, Canada.”

“I am Jodie Loster and I am from Regina, Saskatchewan.”

“And I am MaryAnn Harrison, the mother of these three girls. And I am from Saskatchewan.”

TH: “Well, we have been thinking about bariatric surgery for a few years and I just… I started really… I am getting married in August and I don’t want to be a whale, walking down the aisle. So, I started doing research and then I told my mom what my plans were and she got in on the research, and then we found the MTC which was… after getting my doctor to look into it and  everything… it was the best possible route that we could’ve chosen. And then, we coaxed these two into it.”

SF: “Back at home, it is like $30,000 to get it done and if we want it for free, we are waiting on a 4-5 year waiting list and we have to lose 80 pounds and maintain it for at least 6 months before we can even be considered.”

TH: “And, to be honest, if we could lose 80 pounds, we wouldn’t be here.”

SF: “Exactly!”

MH: “I have had previous surgery in Mexico and it was… it wasn’t as… it was not the experience I had here with MTC. It was actually a little bit scary. That was through another company and when Teresa and I started to do the research, I looked at several different sites and none of them had the one where you get the patient feedback, like the testimonials. Plus, you have them online and this allows you to talk to them, well in advance so that you know what you’re getting into and how… how everyone else is impressed with the company. And the outcomes are really good!”

TH: “The other thing was that when we called these other places to get the surgery there, I was set on the duodenal switch and they were all “yup, yup” because that was the most expensive. You guys… you guys were like “absolutely not!” Dr. Reyna called me personally and he explained… he told me that it is not the healthy choice, it is a backup plan. So…”

MH“Yeah, they never let us make stupid choices.”

SF“Even when we were going through surgery, Dr. Reyna explained that you might… you might be saying that you want the gastric bypass, which I wanted, but because how I was set up inside, I only could get the mini. Which was the exact same thing but it is just healthier.”  

JL: “Yeah, it was good. I was very, very nervous. Anyway, so when I… I did start panicking and having a little anxiety attack. But, everyone was so fantastic! The nurses, the doctors…”

TH: “The valium.”

SF: “But they got us through it. I have severe anxiety and I got through it. It was amazing.”

MH: “Yeah, yeah. They really talked us through everything. Anyway, you know, when your anxiety is going, they would do something funny like “Oh, Sarah. They wanted to wake up Matt’. And they just told her “no, no. You’re good.” And took care of her while she calmed right down. So, it was really fun. And they made it really enjoyable. Like, they were so sincere and caring.”

JL: “And… and… you usually find that one nurse that doesn’t want to be there but, all the nurses, the staff, everyone was just so… they were just so nice and caring.”

MH: “And explaining everything. Over and over and over.”

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