Testimonial – Inguinal Hernia Surgery in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico – Part 2

Chris Souliere

This is the second video part of Chris’s inguinal hernia surgery in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Click here if you missed the first part – Chris’s medical trip to Mexico – Part 1.

As discussed by Chris in the first part, the primary reason for choosing Mexico over Missouri was the cost involved. Mexican hospital impressed him with the skilled and cordial staff, well qualified surgeon and effective communication.


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Why visit Ciudad Juarez for Hernia Surgery?

  • When compared to countries like the US, Ciudad Juarez offers ample savings on the surgery cost. It mainly accounts to the fact that the cost of living in the country is low, so lesser prices for the same quality of treatment are offered.
  • With an array of choices for hotels and transport from the airport, border and the hospital, it becomes fairly easy for the international tourist to save on the stay and travel cost as well. Medicaltourismco’s network hospitals and clinics can also arrange transport from the border to the hospital and the hotel, if the patient requests in advance. Some special discounts on the hotel stay may also be made available, if the patient chooses from the local hotels in the hospital’s network.
  • Mexican surgeons in our network are well qualified and most of them have their training and experience from countries like the US and the UK. The surgeons and their staff are fluent English speakers. For other languages, language interpreters can be made available, if requested in advance.
  • Ciudad Juarez’s proximity to the US-Mexico border cities makes it easily accessible.

Though the renowned hospitals in Mexico offer low cost and quality treatment but it is advisable to check if there are provisions for follow-up care. Also, one has to be sure that the surgeon is well qualified and experienced in handling similar surgeries. If possible, visit the website and check the available testimonials and surgeon’s credentials.
As you save on a lot after hernia surgery in Ciudad Juarez, you may plan a relaxing holiday at the breathtakingly beautiful locations there.

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