Gallbladder surgery (also known as cholecystectomy) can be an expensive procedure to get rid of gallstones, especially in developed countries. Undergoing cholecystectomy and lap band surgery in Mexico can be good options for those looking for affordable healthcare services. Besides the low cost of gall bladder surgery and lap band, patients also tend to benefit from the high quality of services provided by state-of-the-art hospitals in Mexico.

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Here is the testimonial of Patricia Ann Williams of Seattle, Washington, who had engaged the services of Medical Tourism Co. to undergo cholecystectomy in Mexico.

“Bianca - She is wonderful, efficient, and a beautiful soul.

"Hello, my name is Patricia, and I had stomach pain in July and had to finally at two am ask my husband to take me to our local hospital. I told them it possibly could be my gallbladder, so they gave me a pain shot in an IV, and personally, I feel the doctor thought I was faking it. My doctor ordered a cat scan of my liver and gallbladder.

"They found out I had a large stone in my gallbladder and suggested it should come out soon. I do not have health medical as I fall between the cracks of to do or not to do, so I called our other local hospital and found out from a secretary that the operating room alone would be about $25,000.00. I then called another hospital in a bigger city to find the price would be the same.

"I got on my computer and typed in about out of the country medical help. First, I looked at India, and my father said I couldn't go there. Now, mind you, I am 60 years old, and he is 84. I needed a shot in my foot the next day and told my podiatrist, and he suggested Mexico. I jumped back on the computer, typed it in and within a few hours, a girl with a beautiful voice was speaking to me and also Dr. Cruz and answering any questions I had. The operation was set up, I went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where no matter how old I was how heavy I was, or how poor I was, they treated me like the queen of the hospital.

"I also want to thank Bianca for placing Cecilia with me as my husband, and I felt so loved and well taken care of. I also would like to say the stay in your city was breath and the family at the Marriot became a part of us also. So please I encourage everyone to just go to Mexico for medical that is real supportive and caring.”

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