Hernia Surgery in Ciudad Juarez – Part 1

Chris Souliere

This video representation of a telephonic interview with Chris Souliere from Missouri, US, talks about his hernia surgery in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. His was the inguinal hernia repair and in this video he talks of the reasons which made him undergo the hernia surgery abroad.

Inguinal Hernia Surgery

An inguinal hernia refers to a small portion of the bowel bulging out through a small opening in the abdominal muscles. It either happens because of the weakening of a spot in the abdominal muscles (known as direct inguinal hernia) or the unsuccessful closing of inguinal canal before birth (indirect inguinal hernia). The surgical procedure performed to repair this bulging is referred to as inguinal hernia surgery.



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Low Cost Hernia Repair in Mexico

Hernia Surgery in MexicoMexico offers hernia repair surgery at a fraction of cost when compared to its western counterparts like the US and the UK. The operating standards of our network Mexican hospitals are at par with the best ones in the world. Other than the cost factor, following are some of the add-ons for those planning for a medical trip to Mexico.

  • Where state-of-the-art hospitals and latest technology ensure a pleasant experience for the international medical tourist, many centres with accreditations by the JCI and ISO reflect their strict quality standards followed for quality.
  • The country’s proximity to the United States further ensures substantial savings on the travel costs. Ciudad Juarez is only approximately 10 miles from El Paso, TX.
  • You can expect skilled and prominent surgeons, most of them being highly experienced and trained in their craft from countries like the US and Europe, overseeing your treatment.
  • Don’t worry about the waiting time. There is negligible wait time in Mexican clinics and hospitals.

Tourist Attractions in Ciudad Juarez

As you save on that big hole in your pocket after undergoing hernia surgery in Ciudad Juarez, don’t miss to visit some hot destinations in the city.

  • Cathedral of Ciudad Juarez: The first built temple, located in the border city of Chihuahua, is known for its classical architecture.
  • Other attractions: Monument of Benito Juarez, Paquime, Chamizal Park and the beautiful Samalayuca Dune Fields.

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