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Sarah Reviews Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana – Mexico

Watch the weight loss surgery Tijuana Mexico testimonial of Sarah Rushing who traveled all the way from Calhoun, Georgia for gastric sleeve surgery.

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Video Transcription

My name is Sarah Rushing and I am from Calhoun, Georgia. I came here for bariatric surgery.  

Why did you choose to come to Tijuana for Bariatric Surgery?

I compared prices and was not able to support the costs of bariatric surgery in the United States.

What made you choose Med Tourism Co. over a different company?

After extensive research I went with the doctor I felt the most comfortable with and the most reviews that happened to be – he happened to be with Medical Tourism Co. and the price was really great for the surgery that I wanted to have performed. The credentials that Dr. Gonzalez had were very stunning and their reviews on Dr. Gonzalez were very great. 

How was the process after you first contacted Med. Tourism Co.?

It was great. I actually contacted them on New Year’s Eve and was written back immediately. And I was contacted by my case worker next Monday and was set up to go within a week of having contacted Medical Tourism Co.

How was your experience upon arrival in Tijuana for your bariatric surgery?

We met Lily at the airport and she was great. She let us see the Bay and a little bit of the West Coast because we had never been there and then we went together to Mexico. When we arrived in Tijuana we came straight to the Grand Hotel, and met you, Karen. And we have had great service ever since. The hotel is very clean. And I was very pleased with how well you communicated with us and let us know what was coming ahead and the services that we received at Medical Tourism Co. 

Were the services up to US standards?

The clinic was very clean and I was very happy with how quickly everything progressed once we got there because my nerves were quite on edge and everyone was very friendly. 

What did you think of your bariatric surgeon?

He was very, very funny, made me feel relaxed and he was very confident in his skills and his ability to perform the procedure. That made me very comfortable knowing that I was going to be in his hands. And he also made me sing in surgery. So he was very funny and kept me at ease even until the surgery. 

How was the service provided by MTC to your companions?

I brought my mother and father. We came together and we traveled from Georgia all the way here together and we were able to get adequate care and services at the hotel and at the clinic. 

What did you think of your destination manager?

I think that you have been great especially because you brought me this magnet over here. That was the sweetest thing because that’s what I have wanted the whole time I have been here. So you have gone above and beyond your roll providing services for us. And I am very appreciative that you not only helped me but also showed my mom – my guest – around and took her to get food when she could not eat around us or she felt bad eating around us. So you have helped her and you have been just excellent caretaker.

Anything that you would like to add?

I am just very thankful for Teresa, our nurse. She was amazing and I left her a note because I thought that she was very kind, very caring, and very loving and I appreciated her with putting up with my grumpiness and my pain and for helping me to get through the procedure.

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