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San Antonio Couple visits Tijuana – Mexico for Gastric Sleeve

This is a video of a couple from San Antonio, Texas who traveled to Tijuana – Mexico for bariatric surgery. They talk about their experiences with the facility, services and the treatment received.

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Video Transcription

“Connie – Hi, my name is Connie St. John, I am from San Antonio, Texas. I came to Tijuana to have a gastric sleeve 4 months ago and my husband saw my results and we decided that he wanted to do it too so we have some this week to have him do his surgery. Well number 1 was the price difference; in the United States it’s 10-12 thousand Dollars and it’s a lot longer of a process and I wanted to get it done a lot quicker; I wanted results faster so that’s why I came here.

Yes, I have had great service from everybody through Medical Tourism and all of the people that work; the drivers, the liaisons, everybody was very friendly, very professional, I’ve had a really good experience. Dr Gonzalez was yes, he was very professional and friendly and explained everything what was going to happen, what to expect, I believe he did, does a really good job.

The facility here is very excellent; they took really good care of us as a patient and as a family member, I had the same experience when I was here months ago so; 4 months ago, um.. it’s just a very god facility. The same day, yes Regene got back to me the same day.

Steven – because I saw her results and it was amazing.

Connie – I have lost 53 pounds. Very happy yes, it was; I wasn’t expecting it really that fast. I thought it would be; I mean my ultimate goal was about 75 pounds is what I wanted to lose so I’m two thirds of the weight there so I’m very happy with the results. Definitely I did, so yes, I mean I have told other people the same thing where, you know the company that we went through; Medical Tourism and everybody involved so we’ve had a great experience. I just thank everybody for being professional and very friendly. It was not; we didn’t know what to expect when we came so I.. we were very happy.

Steven – Very clean; the facility. Amazing, it’s nice.

Connie – Everything was very nice, yes.”

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