Is dental care back home costing you a fortune? Don’t worry!

You can now save thousands of dollars on same day dental implants in Cancun, Mexico.

Cancun offers over 60% savings on immediate implants compared to US & Canada.

A Useful Video Contrasting Same Day With Traditional Implants

Furthermore, this comes with quality dentistry and a vacation in the Caribbean!

This article pilots you through same day implants and their cost benefits in Cancun.

Immediate Dental Implants in Cancun Reviews

Take a look at what our ‘happy smiles’ have to say about their experience.

“I received 4 implants from Cancun Dental Specialists. I was nervous about traveling to Mexico, but glad I did. One week out and problem free.”

Phil (Vancouver, Canada)

I was picked up at the airport and dropped off at my hotel. Two trips, flights, hotels, and all the dental work still cost less than implants in Canada.”

Tina (Canada)

This smile won’t cost you a dime! Read along to find out.

What Is the Cost of Same Day Dental Implants in Cancun, Mexico?

The cost of same day dental implants ranges between $850 – $1900 in Cancun, Mexico.

In the US and Canada, you pay between $4000 – $5,000 for the same. Hence you save up to 60% on treatment costs.

Cost Comparison of Same Day Dental Implants 

Procedure US Canada Cancun
Same Day Single Implant + Crown $5,000 $4,600 $1,300-$1,900
*The prices are case dependent

Thinking about getting an immediate implant? Request free pricing to learn more.

How Are the Immediate Implants Different?

Single day teeth provide better advantages over conventional dental implants. Let’s find out how!

Traditional Dental Implants Immediate Dental Implants
Implants are placed after 2-4 months post-healing of the extraction socket.[1]NIH
Immediate dental implant placement with immediate loading following extraction of natural teeth
“Conventional procedure for implant placement involves extraction of offending tooth, waiting 2–4 months for extraction socket to heal.”
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Implants are placed on the same day into the freshly extracted tooth socket.[2]NIH
Immediate dental implant placement with immediate loading following extraction of natural teeth
“Implants in fresh extraction sites can be placed in the same location as the extracted tooth.”
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Following tooth extraction, bone resorption may occur, requiring additional surgical procedures.[3]NIH
Survival Rates and Factors Affecting the Outcome Following Immediate and Delayed Implant Placement: A Retrospective Study
“The extension of bone resorption may challenge restorative-driven implant placement or additional surgical procedures may be required.”
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Immediate implant placement allows quick osseointegration and early bone healing. Thus minimizing bone resorption.[4]NIH
Survival Rates and Factors Affecting the Outcome Following Immediate and Delayed Implant Placement: A Retrospective Study
“The technological advances in implant surface that allow quicker osseointegration and earlier bone healing than in the past.”
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Increased visits and chair time may lead to patient dissatisfaction.[5]NIH
Survival Rates and Factors Affecting the Outcome Following Immediate and Delayed Implant Placement: A Retrospective Study
“This may lead to increased treatment cost, morbidity, complications and treatment time.”
View in Article
More patient satisfaction due to reduced dental visits.[6]NIH
Survival Rates and Factors Affecting the Outcome Following Immediate and Delayed Implant Placement: A Retrospective Study
“In addition, this treatment approach results in higher patient satisfaction than the conventional/delayed placement protocol.”
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Adjacent teeth may tilt due to space created by extraction. It prevents the migration of adjacent teeth.[7]NIH
Recent advances in dental implants
“It reduces treatment times… well as prevents unwanted migration of an adjacent tooth in the case of missing a single tooth.”
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A decreased bone-to-implant contact (BIC)*. Increased bone density and BIC.[8]NIH
Success and patient satisfaction of immediately loaded zirconia implants with fixed restorations one year after loading
“The immediately loaded implants can achieve an increased or at least equivalent Bone-to-Implant Contact (BIC) compared to conventionally loaded implants.”
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*BIC is the amount of bone touching the implant surface at a microscopic level

However, the treatment is not ideal for patients with low bone density, acute illnesses, weak immunity, diabetes, and HIV-AIDS.[9]NIH
Dental Implants
“Absolute Contraindication-Acute illness, the magnitude of defect or anomaly, Diabetes, osteoporosis, HIV, AIDs, chemotherapy.”
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Dental Implant Structure

Structure of Dental Implant

Survival Rate

Immediate loading has proven successful over the years, with a mean survival rate of 96.6%.[10]Springer Open
Immediate implant placement in molar extraction sockets: a systematic review and meta-analysis
“The weighted mean survival rate of immediate implants after 1 year of follow-up was 96.6%, and the success rate was 93.3%.”
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Additionally, a beach holiday in Cancun ticks all the boxes. Let’s Go!

Why Cancun, Mexico?

Cancun is a popular dental tourism destination. Every year, it attracts hundreds of patients from US and Canada.[11]Dentistry
What can we learn from dental tourism?
“Cancun, Mexico, which is known to attract thousands of patients from across the world (mainly from America and Canada).
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Cancun Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza, Cancun

Dentistry in Cancun is not only cost-effective but offers benefits you can’t miss!

  • No long waiting times as procedures are scheduled in advance.
  • The clinics abide by the same medical standards found up north.[12]FOX 5
    Study finds medical and dental care south of the border are good options for Americans
    “Apply the same medical standards found north of the border.”
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  • High-end equipment and the latest technologies are used for one-day implants.
  • It has a low cost of living. Thus, you get the same treatment for far lower prices.[13]Living Cost Org.
    Cost of Living in Cancun
    “The average cost of living in Cancun is $868, which is in the top 37% of the least expensive cities in the world.”
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  • The average flight time is 3-4 hours from the major airports of the US. Hence, it reduces travel time.

Cancun Resorts

Bird at a Cancun Resort

Tourism in Cancun

  • With its impeccable coastline, Cancun is a traveler’s dream.
  • A trip to its archeological sites would be a massive tick for historic geeks.
  • You can dive into the beauty of its culture while relishing the mouth-watering cuisine.[14]Mexican Caribbean
    “Cancun is renowned for its delectable cuisine and is home to some of the best restaurants in the region.”
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Palm Trees

Palm Trees

Cancun Food

Food in Cancun
  • The best time to enjoy the beaches here is during winter and spring.[15]Travel + Leisure
    The Best Time to Visit Cancun for Perfect Weather and Fewer Crowds
    “The most popular time to visit Cancun is from December through April. Mexico’s hurricane season falls between June and November.”
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  • There are plenty of activities to engage in, like snorkeling in the limestone sinkholes, parasailing, jet skiing, and much more.

Best Clinics in Cancun for Immediate Dental Implants

Our dental clinics in Cancun, Mexico, comprises of top dentists with more than 30 years of experience.

Dental Visit

Dental Visit in Cancun

Here is a quick run of what our clinics have to offer.

Neo Dental Group

Neo Dental Group offers world-class treatments and a comfortable patient environment in their 5-star dental office.

  • It costs 70% less than a single-day implant procedure in the US.
  • They stand by  S.M.I.L.E. values- service, motivation, innovation, listening, and excellence.
  • The staff is highly skilled and are ADA members with certified training in cosmetic dentistry.
  • NeoDental Lab is an in-house dental laboratory that uses cutting-edge technology and ensures high-quality results from start to finish.

Cancun Dental Specialists

Cancun Dental Specialists, Hotel Zone, has been rated the top dental clinic for 5 years consecutively.

  • It is one of the leading dental clinics in the Mexico Dental Tourism industry.
  • The clinic has advanced technology equipment from CAD/CAM to Dynamic dental implant navigation techniques.
  • The professionals are best-in-field and associated with ADA.


Dentaris is one of Cancun’s oldest dental clinics, with a combined experience of its staff of over 100 years.

  • It has immense popularity amongst international patients.
  • The clinic hosts an in-house dental lab for a seamless procedure.
  • It has associations with the ADA, AAID, the Mexican Dental Association, and many more.
  • With a 20-minute drive from the airport, it offers complimentary pickup and drops.

Get to know about the top dentists in Cancun below.

Top Dentists for Same Day Dental Implants in Cancun

Select from the top dentists in Cancun, Mexico, for same day dental implants.

Dr. Miller Viera 
Miller Viera
  • Dental implantology and cosmetic specialist.
  • DDS from Methodist University, Sao Paula.
  • Certified in Advanced Dental Implantology- Surgical Module.
Dr. Irma Gavaldon

Dr. Irma Gavaldon

  • U.S. Board-certified dentist with over 30 years of experience.
  • A trained specialist in full-mouth implant rehabilitation and smile makeovers.
  • Master’s degree in Restorative dentistry.
Dr. Joaquin Berron
Joaquin Berron
  • He has over 21 years of experience in dental implantology.
  • Member of the Mexican Dental Association, American Academy of Implant Dentistry, ADA, and Ateneo Odontologico Mexicano.

Remember, a well-planned trip can save you time and money. Keep the following points in mind and get set packing!

How to Reach Cancun?

Traveling to Mexico from the US and Canada is hassle-free. There are plenty of convenient and safe travel options to reach Cancun.

The Minimum Days Required for Immediate Implants

Procedure Days
Same Day Implants 1-5
All-in-4 Implants 7-10
All-in-6 Implants 7-10

You can find several direct flights to Cancun from the world’s major cities.

  • It will cost you around $500 for a round trip in the US, but it can get much cheaper.[16]Thrifty Traveler
    Head to the Beach: How to Find Cheap Flights to Cancun
    “On average, flights from the U.S. to Cancun (CUN) typically cost between $500 and $550 roundtrip in economy. But it can get much cheaper than that.”
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  • Airlines- Delta, United, AirTran, US Airways, Frontier, American, and Aeromexico.
  • Almost all US cities, including Boston, NYC, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, and Phoenix, have direct flights to Cancun.
  • Direct flights from Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary in Canada are priced between $600-$800. The average flight time is 5 hours.

Cancun flight duration

Average Flight Duration to Cancun

Get Your Passports Ready

?You would require an updated passport and a free-of-cost traveler’s permit-FMM.[17]Mexican Caribbean
Passports and Visas
“You will need to produce an up to date passport plus a visitor’s permit, which is now known as the FMM -Forma Migratoria Multiple.”
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?Always stay updated with the latest travel advisory for Cancun, Mexico, issued by the US State Government.[18]U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Mexico
“The U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Mexico updated the advice to U.S. citizens traveling to Quintana Roo, Mexico on March 11, 2022.”
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Cancun Mexico

Cancun Beach

Getting Around

?Be careful of your belongings, and watch out for bandits and drug peddlers.
?Cancun is a safe place for travelers. Police heavily patrol the tourist areas.[19]Travel Safe- Abroad
How Safe Is Cancun for Travel?
“The Mexican government makes every effort to keep Cancún a safe location for visitors….tourist area is heavily patrolled by police, making it a not-so-ideal place for criminals. Overall….rated a “low” on a scale of low to high risk.”
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?Local transportation, like the bus and many taxis, are available to tour in and around the city.[20]Go City
Getting Around Cancun – Getting Around Cancun for Tourists
“There are tons of taxis available and great public transportation options like the bus.”
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? Our dental clinics have tie-ups with the best hotels in the nearby areas. So, be tension-free in choosing your stay.

Final Word

Opting for same day dental implants in Cancun, Mexico, has some great perks.

You leave with a healthy smile owing to the treatment at a fraction of the price compared to your home country.

So, throw your beach hats on and floss your way to Cancun!


How much are the same day teeth implants in Cancun?

The same day dental implants or immediate loading implants can cost between $1300-$1900 in Cancun, Mexico.

Thereby, you save ~62% on implant treatments compared to the USA and Canada.


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