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Zirconia Dental Implants – Turkey

In this video, a renowned dental surgeon from Turkey talks about advantages of zirconia dental implants over metallic implants.

The surgeon talks about biocompatibility and rigidness of zirconia over metallic crowns and bridges.  He also discusses about how they are made and about their fitting precision.

Check out the video where the dental expert explains the process of placing up of zirconia dental crowns and bridge.

Following is the video narration of dental surgeon in Turkey

“This is a single tooth crown made on implant abutment…. This is a single unit of tooth and the internal part is made up of zirconia.  Zirconia is highly biocompatible material and do not includes any metallic parts so there is no corrosion due to the metallic structure so its metal free restoration made on zirconium oxide ………… and this is an example of bridge as u see ….. here we have teeth with bone less so we prefer to split them together by a zirconia bridge and………… in some cases we can combine implants by natural teeth and in some cases we can construct only on top of implants prosthesis….. it depends on the patient need.

Basically when we are talking about crown….. crown is a single unit….. when we are talking about bridge…. Bridge is a connection of teeth

This is a framework made on zirconia….. zirconia is highly biocompatible material and 3 times rigid in respect to the metallic…… zirconia crowns are made by computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing  product… all the structure is made by milling machine guided by a computer and abutment teeth are captured by the scanner and transfer to the computer digital data…. And acc. To this data, the milling machine from the block of zirconia ….. make a shape of this bridge…. So all the system is highly controlled and adaptation of the bridge is very precise…. So the fitting precision is about 10 microns.

Ceramo-metallic bridge so the inner side is made in metal and metallic part is fused and precision of good fusion is about 100 microns…….. this is the big difference between of precision b/w zirconia and ceramo-metallic bridge.

Another diff. is that zirconia bridges are biocompatible and metallic bridges are iron releasing materials, so the corrosion accurs within the tissues because the mouth contains many fluids and liquids.  So these liquids cause metallic corrosion which destructs the gum tissue.”

According to the surgeon in this video, zirconia bridges and crowns are more compatible than metallic dental implants. Zirconia dental implants are biocompatible and are corrosion free whereas corrosion in metallic crowns cause destruction in gum tissues.  In addition, fitting precision of zirconia dental implants is better than metallic implants.

People coming to Turkey for zirconia dental implants can also get involved in tourism activities. Some of the famous tourist spots in Turkey are St. Sophia Museum, Blue Mosque – Sultan Ahmet Camii, Pamukkale, Ephesus and lot more. Therefore a visit to the country can be an experience of both dental care and holiday.

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