Paul Layland from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada reviews mini gastric bypass (MGBP) in Tijuana, Mexico.

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"I am Paul Leyland from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I came down to get the mini bypass done on my stomach to reduce my weight."

Why did you choose Tijuana, Mexico for your mini gastric bypass surgery?

"The price. The price had a lot to do with it for sure. It is an elective surgery up in Canada it is not a ... whatever you want to call it. It is elective so you have got to pay."

How quick was the communication process?

"It was probably two months ago that we first got hold of Medical Tourism Co. And yes, we had a vacation planned in between there for months so we decided to go extend it a little bit longer. That is why it longer for me to get down here."

When did you have your surgery and how are you feeling now?

"It was two days ago that I had it. I am felling just fine. There are no issues at all. It has all been an excellent experience. I have really enjoyed it, well besides the pain obviously you know. But it's been good. Everyone treated me with respect. They treated me just as a normal person down here and it's been very good experience for me. The hotel was fantastic. There is nothing wrong with it while I stayed here. It was a good experience."

Are you happy with the experience?

"Excellent. Excellent I can't ask for any better."

Would you recommend us?

"Anyone who wants to give me a shot, yes you bet I would definitely recommend you for company and the doctors, they didn't mind. They were fantastic people. It was a great experience."

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Besides Tijuana, we offer gastric bypass surgery in Mexicali and Cancun.

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