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Orthopedic (Bone and Joint Reconstruction) Surgeon – India

In this video, the head of the Orthopedics and Joint Reconstruction dept. at a leading hospital in India talks about his education and experience.

Video Narration

“I’m the director and the head, department of orthopedics and joint reconstruction. I got my basic education from Amritsar…from there I went to…medical school, university college of medical sciences. After that I pursued my MS orthopedics course and beyond that I did my MCh. orthopedics from university of Dundee, UK and then couple of international fellowships in various parts of Europe and US.

After that, last nine years I have done around 10,000 joint replacements and similar many more other non-joint surgeries in this part of India and we have a sizable experience and volume, running one of the highest volume canters across India to give the latest technologies and to give the latest innovations and expertise in the arena of joint replacements. As a … of med training apart from domestic India top hospitals, I got my masters from University of Cardiff and I was working for 9 months in the … of UK. Apart from that a little bit in hospitals across London. From there I spent some six months in Paris with some leading scientists…”

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