Hip Replacement Surgery in India – 101 Guide!

Do you need hip replacement surgery but can’t afford it in your home country? The good news is that there is an affordable solution — take a medical trip to India!

Orthopedic surgeons in India offer high-quality and cost-effective hip replacement surgery. This guide will cover all you need to know about your medical trip for hip replacement in India.

Patient Testimonial

In 2020-2021 India ranked (#10) among the world’s most popular medical tourism destinations.[1]Financial Express
Medical value tourism in India: What makes the country a leading Medical Tourism Destination
“India is ranked 10th out of the top 46 countries in the world in the Medical Tourism Index 2020-21 by Medical Tourism Association.”
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Also, within Asia, it is among the top five most visited countries for medical tourism.[2]Global Protective Solutions
Top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations in Asia
“Along with Thailand and Singapore, India is one of the top three most popular medical tourism destinations in Asia.”
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It seems to catch the eye! But, to fully benefit from it, you need to do some research.

As a medical tourist, you need to ask questions like — What is the cost of hip replacement in India? What to visit during my stay in India? Is it safe to go to India? And most importantly, why India and not any other country?

We will answer these and more in this article. So, read on!

Why Choose India for Your Hip Replacement Surgery?

Five things set India apart from countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand when it comes to medical tourism for hip replacement:

1. Affordability – Save up to 80%

2. High-quality – Expert doctors with education or training in the US and UK

3. Exceptional Service – Translators, Free shuttle service (Airport-hotel-hospital)

4. Great Success Rates – Up to 95% for hip replacement surgery

5. Add-on Vacation – Breathtaking tourist attractions, All-inclusive medical tourism options

These are good reasons to choose India for your Hip Replacement, aka, Hip Arthroplasty. But how much should you expect to pay in India for your THA?

Cost of Hip Replacement Surgery in India

Hip Replacement Surgery in India is a fraction of the cost of the same procedure in the USA. The surgery cost depends on these factors:

  • Type of hip replacement
  • Type of material used for implant
  • Type of surgery approach
  • Pre-existing health conditions
  • Experience of the surgeon
  • No. of days in the hospital
  • Choice of the city/ state
  • The hospital you choose

Prices of Hip Replacement Surgery in India by Type

Type of Hip Replacement Cost in INR Cost in USD
Partial Hip Replacement ₹1,71,000 to ₹3,94,500 $2,300 to $5,300
Total Hip Replacement ₹4,31,690 to ₹7,51,320 $5,800 to $10,100

Hip Replacement Surgery – Expected Pre-op Bills

Pre-surgery Tests & Treatments Cost Estimation in INR Cost Estimation in USD
Health Checkup ₹500 to ₹2,000 $7 to $26
Joint aspiration ₹200 to ₹2,000 $3 to $27
Arthrogram ₹9,000 to ₹15,000 $129 to $200
MRI Scan ₹2,000 to ₹17,000 $27 to $2,300
CAT Scan ₹2,000 to ₹5,000 $27 to $66
Bone Densitometry test ₹1,500 to ₹7,000 $20 to $93

Prices of Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) in India by City

City Price Range (INR) Price Range (USD)
Mumbai ₹5,37,156 – ₹6,84,374 $7,220 – $9,200
Delhi ₹4,31,453 – ₹5,54,444 $5,800 – $7,300
Bangalore ₹5,19,000 – ₹7,42,950 $6,970 – $9,980
Chennai ₹4,31,453 – ₹4,69,000 $5,800 – $6,300
Kolkata ₹5,51,000 – ₹6,84,374 $7,400 – $9,200
Hyderabad ₹6,48,000 – ₹7,51,320 $8,700 – $10,100
Chandigarh ₹4,31,453 – ₹5,20,000 $5,800 – $6,980
*The price may vary at different hospitals; this a generally observed range

As you can see, prices in India for total hip replacement surgery range between $5,800 and $10,100. Now, it is fair to conclude that hip replacement surgery in India is very affordable.

MTC offers an all-inclusive, out-of-pocket package with physiotherapy treatment after hip replacement surgery in India. The all-inclusive package includes:

✅ Cost of medication

✅ Surgeon’s fees

✅ Anesthesia charge

✅ DVT pump cost

✅ Costs of implants

✅ Physiotherapy

✅ Translation services

✅ Hotel room charges (up to 5 days)

More so, the cost of transport to and from the airport is covered with us.

Now, let’s compare this cost between India and other countries.

Compare the Cost of THA — India vs. Australia, USA & Canada

In the cost comparison table below, you’ll see the USA, Australia, and Canada prices compared to India. The costs mentioned are average prices for hip replacement in US dollars.

Cost of Hip Replacement – USA/Canada vs. Australia vs. India (USD)

Type of Hip Replacement Surgery USA/Canada  Australia India
Total Hip Replacement Surgery   $40,000   $25,000 $5,800
Partial Hip Replacement Surgery $32,000  $20,000 $2,300
Hip Resurfacing Surgery   $20,000 $15,000 $7,000
Minimal Invasive Hip Replacement Surgery   $45,000 $30,000 $8,200
Revision Hip Replacement Surgery   $42,000 $25,000 $8,250
*The prices are subject to change. Fill our online quote form for the latest prices and specials.

The hip replacement surgery cost in India is less than half of what America costs — without lowering the quality standards. One can expect savings of up to 70% when compared to the price quoted back in Australia.

Moreover, even after adding travel and accommodation costs, you’ll end up with an affordable package. This is because India has a lower cost of living compared to the US, UK, Canada, or Australia — making your dollar last longer.

Top Orthopedic Clinics in India

Top orthopedic clinics in India are equipped with the highest standard where some of the best hip replacement surgeons in India work.

The selected top five orthopedic clinics in India follow these parameters:

✔️ Compassionate & cooperative doctors and nurses
✔️ JCI and NABH accredited hospitals
✔️ Experience with international patients
✔️ State-of-the-art clinics with high hygiene protocols
✔️ Proximity to the airport and budget hotels
✔️ Transport from the airport to the clinic
✔️ Friendly English-speaking staff
✔️ Healthcare service available 24/7 for a patient’s needs

1. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi

  • Established in 1996, Indraprastha is NABL and JCI accredited
  • The hospital has 52 specialties under one roof
  • Experienced & renowned doctors in all  specialties
  • Orthopedic procedures like total joint replacements are routinely done with outstanding success rates
Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi 

2. Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road, Chennai

  • Established in 1983, Apollo Chennai is a flagship hospital of the Apollo Group.
  • Accreditations: JCI, NABH, IS0 9001, and ISO 14001
  • Apollo Hospitals are India’s first Center of Excellence in Hip Arthroscopy
Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road, Chennai

3. BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi

  • Established in 1959, BLK is NABH, NABL and JCI accredited
  • One of the largest tertiary care private hospitals in the country
  • Over 150 globally renowned specialties work under various specialty departments
  • Have most advanced Robotic Surgery Systems
BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital, New Delh

4. Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai

  • Established in 1950, Dr. Balabhai Nanavati hospital is one of the oldest multi-specialty medical centers in Mumbai.
  • Accreditations: NABH, NABL
  • 55 specialty departments with state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Experienced team of skilled professionals available round the clock
Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai

5. Apollo Hospital, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

  • Established in 1983, Apollo Jubilee hills is recognized as a world-renowned facility.
  • The JCI accredited hospital has more than 50 specialties and super-specialties
  • Most of the specialists here have globally recognized experience & expertise to treat numerous diseases and conditions.
Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad, Jubilee Hills

Best Orthopedic Surgeons in India for Your Hip

These factors can help you decide on who is the best hip replacement surgeon in India:

✔️ Qualification and credentials
✔️ Years of experience
✔️ Number of surgeries performed
✔️ Special achievements and awards
✔️ The facilities and accreditations of the hospital they work at

Top 5 Hip Replacement Surgeons in India

Surgeon Credentials

Dr. Yatinder Kharbanda

Dr. Yatinder Kharbanda | Orthopedic

  • Clinic: Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi
  • Specialty: Hip Surgery, Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine
  • Experience: 32+ years

Dr. Prabhat Lakkireddi

 Dr. Prabhat Lakkireddi | Orthopedic surgeon in India

  • Clinic: Apollo Hospital, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad
  • Specialty: Joint Replacements, Sports Medicine, primary hip and knee arthroplasty
  • Experience: 21+ years

Dr. Gopala Krishnan

Dr. Gopala Krishnan | Orthopedic surgeon in India
  • Clinic: Apollo, Chennai
  • Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery, Hip Reconstruction Surgery, Hip Arthritis
  • Experience: 38+ years

Dr. Bhushan Nariani

Dr. Bhushan Nariani | Orthopedic surgeon in India
  • Clinic: BLK-MAX, New Delhi, India
  • Specialty: Orthopedics and Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Experience: 17+ years

Dr. Prakash M Doshi

Dr. Prakash M Doshi | Orthopedic surgeon in India

  • Clinic: Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital, Mumbai
  • Specialty: Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon
  • Experience: 30+ years

What Is Hip Replacement Surgery, and How Is It Done?

Hip replacement surgery is a procedure in which a prosthetic implant replaces the hip joint. Hip replacement surgery can be performed as a total replacement (also known as arthroplasty) or a partial replacement (hemiarthroplasty).

Video Courtesy: Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush

Hip replacement surgery is only recommended to patients experiencing severe hip pain, decreased mobility, or deformity at the hip joint. Also, it is done when other medical treatments like physiotherapy have failed.

It is best to discuss your medical profile with a licensed surgeon to identify if you’re eligible for hip replacement surgery.

Recovery After Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Recovery after total hip replacement surgery depends on how the patient follows the guidelines given by the doctor. For faster healing, one must carefully follow all the precautions and guidelines.

Physiotherapy in India might cost you between ₹250 to ₹2,500 per session, i.e., 3.34 to 33.40 USD. The cost varies depending on the hospital and physiotherapist’s skill and experience.

Patient’s Review After Hip Replacement in India

This is a review from a UK patient after his Bilateral Total Hip Replacement in India. He speaks about how a UK doctor’s diagnosis was wrong.

Bilateral Total Hip Replacement India

He stayed in Bangalore hospital and saved 5,000 pounds coming to India with the help of MTC.

Medical Tourism in India for Hip Replacement

Medical tourism in India is a growing sector. In addition to availing of the affordable medical benefits, you can look at this as an amazing vacation destination!

India gate | Medical tourism in India

It is a country of diversity. The Himalayas in the north, The Thar Desert in the northwest, and palm beaches in the south make India attractive to tourists.

You will find a platter full of things to explore there — culture, people, places, events, even the varied weather. But before that, let’s look at the most common things you should know as a medical tourist going to India.

How to Reach India 

The capital of India, New Delhi, is well connected to all the major Indian cities by air. India has 137 airports, including  24 International airports.[3]Entri Web
List of Airports in India 2021
“As of now, Airports Authority of India handles a total of 137 airports including 24 International airports.”
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India Airport Codes

Destination IATA Code
New Delhi, Indira Gandhi International Airport DEL
Mumbai, Chhatrapati Shivaji International BOM
Bangalore, Bengaluru International Airport BLR
Chandigarh, Chandigarh Airport IXC
Hyderabad, Begumpet Airport BPM

Traveling from America or Australia can be long and overwhelming. But, once you come to India for medical treatment, you’ll find that your trip was worth considering.

The flight travel price to India is low. Even when clubbed with the cost for a hip replacement, you’ll stay within your budget.

For example, traveling from New York to Delhi by plane:

The price for a non-stop 14-hour flight in one way is from $600, depending on the period of your flight. Flying is more expensive during December, while April has the cheapest ticket starting at $496.

Flight Details

Origin Destination IATA Code Flight Duration
New York, John F. Kennedy Airport JFK 13 hours 55 minutes
Sydney, Kingsford Smith Airport SYD 12 hours 35 minutes
Vancouver, Boundary Bay Airport YTD 16 hours 40 minutes

Where to Stay in India

You can find budget hotels that offer comfort to luxury stay options. Also,  these are near the recommended orthopedic clinics.

Hotel Recommendations

City Hotel Name Average Price per Night (US dollar)
Chandigarh 1. Hotel Rajshree 3-star
2. Lemon Tree Hotel 4-star
Delhi or NCR 1. Ameya Suites 4-star
2. Kings Heritage Plaza 3-star
Bengaluru 1. Citrus Classic Bengaluru 4-star
2. Empire Suites 3-sta
Chennai 1. E Hotel 4-star
2. The Belstead 4-star
Hyderabad 1. Mango Suites – Viera 3-star
2. iStay Hotels 4-star
Mumbai 1. Golden Residency 3-star
2. Goldfinch Hotel Mumbai 4-star

How to Get Around in India

When you land in India, you’ll have your transport waiting to get you to your hospital. But if you want to get around India as a tourist, you’ll have to consider other modes of transportation.

Mode of Transport in India Cities

City  Transport
New Delhi Metro, Taxi
Bengaluru Metro, Cabs
Hyderabad Metro, Bus
Mumbai Local Train, Bus, Taxi
Chandigarh City Bus, Taxi

Is it Safe to Get My Hip Replaced in India?

Yes, it is safe to do hip replacement surgery in India. The success rate of hip replacement surgery in India is high. More than 95% of patients experience relief from hip pain after a hip replacement surgery.

Also, many doctors are educated in the US and UK, so you can be confident knowing that. As for the overall safety in the country, the Safety Index is 55.72, which is moderate.[4]Numbeo
Crime in India
“Crime Index: 44.46 Safety Index: 55.54”
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This means that you are safe as a medical tourist,[5]Travel Safe Abroad
How Safe Is India for Travel?
“Generally speaking, India is mostly safe for tourists.”
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but you need to take general precautions like any tourist location.

Indian Helpline Numbers (Good to know in case of emergency)

Services Number
National Emergency Number 112
Police 100
Fire 101
Ambulance 102
Women helpline 1091
Tourist helpline 1363 or 1800111363

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How much is a Hip replacement in India compared to the USA?

A. The total hip replacement cost in the US is around $35,000, while only $6,000 in India. Thus, hip replacement surgery in Indian hospitals costs 30% to 70% lower than in the US. The cost depends on a hospital and a city choice, the duration of stay, and other factors.

Q. How can I pay for hip surgery in India?

A. India accepts all major payment methods – Cash, International Master or Visa Credit Card, Traveller’s cheque, etc. The payment modes for the advance payment are:

  • Paypal (Online payment using Credit Card)
  • Western Union Money Transfer
  • Bank Transfer

Q. How many days should I stay in India for Hip replacement?

A. You should stay at least five days for Hip replacement in Apollo Hospitals. The average stay is 3-4 days in Max Hospitals.

The staying depends on your overall health, the success of the surgery, and the type of surgery made.

Q. Who is the best surgeon for Hip surgery in India?

A. Dr. Yatinder Kharbanda is the best surgeon for hip surgery in India. With more than 32 years of experience, he is a senior Consultant in Orthopedics & joint replacement Surgery at Apollo hospital, Delhi.

Dr. Yatinder is an expert in joint replacement surgeries, trauma surgeries, Arthroscopy, spine Surgery, sports Injury surgeries, foot, and ankle surgery, etc.

He is also the recipient of numerous awards, including the IMA-NDB distinguished service award -2003 for his outstanding contribution in orthopedics.

Q. Where can I go in India for Hip replacement surgery?

A. The most accessible cities where patients go in India for a hip replacement surgery are:

1. New DelhiThe city is famous for its medical packages for neurology, gastric surgery, ophthalmic, and others at an affordable price at medical facilities with a high standard of medical care.

2. BengaluruOffers leading-edge healthcare and state-of-the-art technology, servicing patients across the globe.

3. MumbaiWith its well-developed hospitality industry, the major international air transport, and availability of world-class experts, Mumbai has made itself a preferable destination for medical tourism in India.

4. ChennaiThe health capital of India, provides affordable treatment options and excellent medical attention.

5. HyderabadThe city has internationally accredited medical facilities using the latest medical technologies. Highly qualified physicians, surgeons, and hospital support staff are based here.

These cities have well-experienced hip arthroplasty surgeons and high-class facilities with innovative medical equipment.

Medical Tourism Corporation is an international medical travel facilitation company registered in Texas, United States. Our team will help you find the best clinic and surgeon in or near the city of your choice. For more information and contact us for a free quote today!


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