Knee Replacement in Cancun

Are you experiencing knee pain but unable to afford the price of surgery in your home country? Consider doing your knee replacement in Cancun, Mexico.

In Cancun, you can get world-class care without breaking the bank. Keep reading to learn how much you can save.

Patient Testimonial: Total Knee Replacement in Cancun, Mexico

Cost of Knee Replacement in Cancun

Knee replacement surgery costs far less in Cancun than it does in the United States. In some cases, it’s possible to save over 60% on the same procedure.

Knee Replacement Surgery Comparison (USD) – USA vs. Cancun,  Mexico
Procedure USA Cancun
Total knee replacement (unilateral) $19,995 – $30,000 $15,800
Total knee replacement (bilateral) $40,000 – $70,000 $17,500 – $22,500
Partial knee replacement (unilateral) $18,995 – $25,000 Request price
Partial knee replacement (bilateral) $30,000 – $46,000 Request price
Revision knee replacement surgery (unilateral) $34,000 – $50,000 Request price
Revision knee replacement surgery (bilateral) $40,000 – $73,696 Request price
Minimally invasive knee replacement surgery $18,500 – $20,000 Request price
*Unilateral – one knee; Bilateral – both knees
**Prices are subject to change. Fill our online quote form for the latest prices and specials.

A single knee replacement cost is about $15,000 in Cancun, compared to over $20,000 in the US.

This package price includes your consultations, hospital stay, implants, anesthesia, post-op support, and travel to and from the hotel/airport. It may also include prescription drugs.

Hospital in Cancun for Knee Replacement

The top hospital in Cancun is Galenia Hospital. It is less than a 20-minute drive from Cancun International Airport.

Galenia Hospital is one of seven Mexican healthcare facilities accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI).[1]JCI JCI-Accredited Organizations “Below is the complete list of current JCI-accredited organizations…hospital Galenia…” View in Article It is also recognized by

  • Accreditation Canada International (ACI), and
  • The National System for the Certification of Medical Care Establishments (SiNaCEAM)

Galenia Hospital | Orthopedic Hospital in Cancun

As Cancun is a major tourist destination, the doctors at Galenia have experience treating patients worldwide.

Key features include:

  • International standard of care
  • Separate department for international patients
  • Cooperation with foreign insurance companies
  • Board-certified doctors from over 70 specialties
  • Assistance with accommodations and transportation
  • Private rooms with phone and internet
  • English-speaking staff
  • On-site pharmacy

Best Surgeons in Cancun for Knee Replacement

Dr. Jesús Raúl Arjona Alcocer is a board-certified physician specializing in joint reconstructive surgery and arthroscopy. He has performed over 3,000 operations.

Dr. Arjona Alcocer’s credentials include:

  • Board-certified by the Mexican Council of Orthopedics and Traumatology
  • Member of the Mexican Association of Joint Reconstructive Surgery and Arthroscopic Surgery
  • Member of The College of Traumatologists of Quintana Roo
  • Member of the International Society of Arthroscopy
Dr. Arjona Alcocer | Orthopedic Surgeon, Cancun
Dr. Arjona Alcocer

Knee Replacement Surgery Option in Cancun

The surgeon removes damaged sections of your knee during a knee replacement and replaces them with a metal or plastic implant. There are several types of knee replacement surgery.

Total Knee Replacement (TKR)

The TKR is the most common type of knee surgery.

As the name suggests, it replaces the entire knee joint instead of just one part of it.

Specifically, a TKR addresses the inside (medial), outside (lateral) parts of your knee, and the cartilage under your kneecap.

Total Knee Replacement Patient Animation
Video Courtesy: Exactech

Partial Knee Replacement (PKR)

A PKR targets only one compartment of your knee.

It is a good option for people whose knee pain is confined to a specific area.

Compared to a TKR, a PKR is less complex and invasive. Thus, the recovery time is shorter.

Partial Knee Replacement Patient Animation
Video Courtesy: Understand

PKRs are less prevalent than TKRs, representing about 5% of knee replacement surgeries.

Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement

Traditionally, knee replacement surgery requires a large incision (8-10 inches) down the center of your knee.

With a minimally invasive knee replacement, the incision is 4-6 inches.[2]AAOS Minimally Invasive Total Knee Replacement “Minimally invasive knee replacement is performed through a shorter incision—typically 4 to 6 inches…” View in Article

This has the effect of reducing pain and accelerating recovery.

Your surgeon will help you determine if you’re a good candidate for a minimally invasive knee replacement.

Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement
Video Courtesy: OACMorthopedics

Revision Knee Replacement

Revision knee replacement is the clinical term for a second knee replacement. It becomes necessary when, over time, the artificial joint from a previous knee replacement fails.

The old implant is removed during a revision knee replacement, and a new one is put in. This typically requires the use of specialized implants that provide additional bone support.[3]AAOS Revision Total Knee Replacement “In most cases, he or she will use specialized implants with longer, thicker stems that fit deeper inside the bone for extra support.” View in Article

Plan Your Knee Replacement Surgery in Cancun

The duration of your surgery and recovery will depend on the type of knee replacement you get.

Most knee replacements are inpatient, meaning you will spend some time in the hospital. See the below table for a general idea of what to expect.

Procedure Surgery time Hospital recovery
Total knee replacement 1-2 hours 1-3 days
Partial knee replacement 1-2 hours 1-3 days
Revision knee replacement 2-3 hours 1-3 days
Minimally invasive knee replacement 1-2 hours 1-2 days

In addition, you should plan to stay a few nights in a hotel, both before and after your surgery. The hospital will help you arrange for the appropriate accommodations.

Patient Feedback

The following testimonials are from patients of Dr. Jesús Raúl Arjona Alcocer.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5.0 Stars (Google Reviews)

“He is an incredible doctor, he has a personal treatment, he explains the problem very well, he has given me an exact diagnosis, very grateful to him for the results; definitely one of the best in the place I totally recommend it.”

-Oscar Cocom

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5.0 Stars (Google Reviews)

“I am infinitely grateful to Dr. Raúl Arjona Alcocer, since after five years of misdiagnosis, he told me from the first consultation my condition. He is definitely the best orthopedic traumatologist specializing in joint surgery and arthroscopy of the peninsula.
I highly recommend it for being a professional with extensive knowledge, professional ethics and great human quality.”

-Karen Campos


Knee replacement surgery is expensive. If you plan to self-pay for the procedure, medical tourism in Mexico could be your best option.

By traveling to Cancun for your knee replacement, you’ll save big on costs without sacrificing the quality of care.

To know more about our payment programs, and travel package plans, you can connect with our experts.