Knee replacement in Izmir, Turkey, is your way out of the constant knee pain!

Why’s that? Because it saves you over 39% on costs without keeping you on any waiting lists!

Curious to know more? Read on!

Cost for Knee Replacement in Izmir, Turkey

Knee replacement in Izmir Turkey cost starts at €10,000 for a conventional surgery of one knee.

The same is priced at €20,650 in the UK. So, replacing your knee in Izmir can save you over 50%!

Knee Replacement in Izmir Turkey Price
Procedure Turkey UK Savings
Total Knee Replacement* €10,000 €20,650 52%
Total Knee Replacement** €13,000 €33,870 62%
Robotic Total Knee Replacement* €15,000 €24,720 39%
Robotic Total Knee Replacement** €18,000 €37,940 53%
*Unilateral (single knee), **Bilateral (both knees)

Note: Prices are subject to change.

If you need both knees replaced in one procedure, your cost savings climb to 62%.

The knee replacement in Izmir Turkey price list for a robotic knee surgery starts at €15,000.

Bringing you over 39% savings if you choose it over a robotic procedure in the UK.

Package Inclusions

  • 10 FREE physiotherapy sessions &
  • FREE transfers (airport-hotel-hospital)

Take the first step to pain-free walking!

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Why Get Knee Replacement in Izmir Turkey?

Now it’s common to think that treatment in the UK costs more because of its high-quality services.

However, Turkey also offers similar quality, but with additional benefits!

Did you know 1,258,382 health tourists visited Turkey in 2021?[1]USHAS
“In t2022, 1.258.382 people received health services.”
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Here are 4 reasons why people prefer Turkey over their home country!

4 Reasons to Get Knee Replacement in Izmir Turkey

4 Reasons Why Izmir Is the Correct Choice!

1. Short Waiting Times

UK stats reveal a whopping 6.6 million patients awaiting elective surgery.[2]NHS
NHS referral to treatment (RTT) waiting times data May 2022
“patients waiting to start treatment at the end of May 2022 was 6.6 million patients”
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Over 300,000 of these have been waiting for a year or more.[3]NHS
Statistical Press Notice NHS referral to treatment (RTT) waiting times data May 2022
“331,623 patients were waiting more than 52 weeks”
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Turkey, however, has shorter waiting times.[4]Conscientia Beam
Development of Health Tourism in Turkey
“factors which lead people to select Turkey for health tourism include cheap service, short waiting times…”
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With over 170,000 skilled physicians, Turkey keeps the waiting list minimal.

What’s more?

Hospitals in Turkey increased from 1,439 to 1,534 lately. Thus, helping reduce patient wait times.[5]Statista
Number of inpatient medical institutions in Turkey from 2010 to 2020
“Between 2010 and 2020, the number of institutions has increased by almost one hundred, going up from from 1,439 to 1,534 in this time period.”
View in Article

2. Quality Services

The Turkish government is committed to improving their hospitals.

They’re getting their hospitals the internationally recognised JCI accreditation.[6]Columbia University Libraries
The Expansion of Turkey’s Medical Tourism Industry
“…receiving Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, which is an internationally recognized quality healthcare index”
View in Article

JCI is a symbol of high-quality healthcare.

Moreover, they are publicly funding city hospitals & taking smart steps to have more medical graduates every year.[7]Columbia University Libraries
The Expansion of Turkey’s Medical Tourism Industry
“ …created publicly funded city hospitals…increase the number of Turkish medical school graduates”
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Did you know? 
Turkey is ranked 23 out of 46 countries for the quality of facilities and services in medical tourism.[8]Statista
Global medical tourism ranking of Turkey out of 46 destinations in 2021, by criteria
“[see graph] …category quality of facilities and services fairing well”
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3. Experienced Surgeons

Did you know that Turkey has a population of nearly 85 million people?[9]The World Bank
Population, total – Turkiye
“Turkiye 2022 85,341,241”
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You should also know that in the first quarter of 2023 alone, a staggering 411,490 people visited Turkey for healthcare services![10]USHAS
Health Tourism Data
“In the first quarter of 2023, 411,490 people came to our country to receive health services.”
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The number of local & international patients combined allows surgeons to gain extensive experience by performing diverse surgeries.

After all, with quantity comes experience, and experience develops quality.

4. Low Cost

The average price of knee replacement in Izmir is €14,000.

The minimum fee is €10,000 for conventional surgery on one knee.

The maximum cost is €18,000 for robotic surgery for both knees.

The reason knee replacement surgery in Turkey costs so less is because of the following:

  • Favourable exchange rate: You get at least 30 Turkish Lira for every Euro or Pound.[11]Forbes
    1 EUR To TRY
    “1 EUR = 30.128417 TRY”
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    1 GBP To TRY
    “1 GBP = 35.006272 TRY ”
    View in Article
  • Lower cost of living: The UK is 171% more expensive than Turkey.[13]Expatistan
    Cost of living in United Kingdom compared to Turkey
    “Cost of living in United Kingdom is 171% more expensive than in Turkey”
    View in Article
  • Hotel & hospital collabs: Medical centres collaborate with hotels to create lucrative packages for you.
  • Govt. incentives: For e.g., Turkish Airlines offers 50% off for patients with hospital admission documents![14]Columbia University Libraries
    The Expansion of Turkey’s Medical Tourism Industry
    “…government incentivizes medical tourism through lucrative advertising specials. For example, Turkish Airlines offers…ticket prices of 50 percent for patients who demonstrate a patient admission document…”
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Bonus Benefit: A Vacation!
Keep a few days free before your surgery to visit Turkey’s popular tourist spots.

It will help you get some time off from the daily stresses of life.

Knee Replacement in Izmir Turkey

Knee replacement can restore daily mobility and quality of life when other methods fail.

The most common reason why you may need knee replacement is Osteoarthritis.[15]NHS Inform
Knee Replacement
“The most common reason for knee replacement surgery is osteoarthritis.”
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Knee replacement surgery offers a lasting solution by replacing damaged knee joints.

The material used is high-quality metal or plastic.[16]NHS
What is a knee replacement?
“Knee replacement surgery involves replacing damaged parts of your knee joint with metal or plastic parts.”
View in Article

Based on how damaged your knees are, you may have:

  • partial knee replacement (when only some part is damaged) or
  • total knee replacement (when complete joint is damaged).

Knee condition before and after knee replacement

Before & After the Treatment

These days patients prefer having a robotic knee replacement surgery.

Watch our expert orthopedic surgeon in Istanbul explain why it’s so beneficial!

Expert Explains Robotic Knee Replacement

The Process

Here’s what happens in the first 5 days.

Day 1 & 2: Check-ups

Day 3: Surgery

Day 4 & 5: Hospital stay

You’ll stay in the hotel for your remaining days in Izmir.

Treatment Timeline
Operation Time Hospital Stay Hotel Stay Recovery Time
60 to 90 Minutes 3 to 4 Days 15 Days 6-10 Weeks

Have a long flight? The doctor might suggest a hotel stay for up to 3 weeks.

Best Total Knee Replacement Doctors in Izmir

One of the best, Dr Burak, is our top-recommended orthopedic surgeon in Izmir.

Dr Burak Onvural | Knee Replacement Doctor in Izmir Turkey

Dr Burak Önvural

  • Has over 17 years of experience.
  • Member and instructor at AO Trauma*.
  • Founder of ONVortho Clinic (knee replacement hospital in Izmir).
  • Completed courses in Germany & the US to learn from orthopedic experts.

*AO Trauma is the world’s largest global trauma and orthopedic community.

Dr Önvural’s motto is to help people keep moving, regardless of age.

Be it knee or hip replacement in Izmir, Dr Burak is a someone you can rely on!

Best Total Knee Replacement Hospitals in Izmir

You can choose from these four of the best knee replacement clinics in Izmir.

ONVortho Orthopedic Clinic | Best Total Knee Replacement Hospitals in Izmir

ONVortho Orthopedic Clinic

  • Has a fluent English-speaking staff.
  • Attracts patients from across Europe, including the UK & Russia.
  • Is the first to receive government certification for health tourism in Izmir.

The clinic’s physical therapist will visit you at your hotel, providing continuous post-op support.

You won’t be alone at home, and your family won’t have to stress about your diet and exercise.

Additionally, their telemedicine support package allows you to extend your aftercare conveniently.

All these facilities help increase the success rate of your surgery.

Besides ONVortho, our best doctor in Izmir, Dr Burak, also performs surgeries in the following hospitals.

AtaSaglik Hospital | Best Total Knee Replacement Hospitals in Izmir

AtaSaglik Hospital

  • Has VIP room options with wifi & patient-to-nurse call.
  • They follow international standards & provide personalised attention.
  • Their staff speaks English, but they can provide a translator if you need it.
Egepol Hospital | Best Total Knee Replacement Hospitals in Izmir

Egepol Hospital

  • Established in 2009 as part of Egepol Healthcare Group.
  • Arranges travel, stay & translation for their patients 24/7.
  • Serves 2000 patients daily. Has 225 hospital beds & 9 operating rooms.
Egesehir City Hospital | Best Total Knee Replacement Hospitals in Izmir

Egesehir City Hospital

  • Serving in the Konak district of Izmir since 2016.
  • Has 39 outpatient clinic rooms 107 beds to serve patients.
  • Has superior medical technology used in its 6 fully equipped operating rooms.

If this surgery sounds scary, you can always consider alternatives to knee replacement.

Before deciding, we suggest you thoroughly research and check knee replacement reviews in Izmir.

Knee Replacement Surgery in Izmir Turkey Reviews

Here’s what some of the happy patients have to say!

Vardarcik Ceyda
The process started with my mother’s illness, but he became our family’s doctor.
We owe him a lot thanks to the correct diagnosis, treatment & referrals.
P. Demiral
After surgery, my knee has reached degrees that it has not reached for four months.
It gave me hope, a reason to fight. Thank you Dr Burak Önvural.

83 Year Old Happy Patient Post Surgery

83-Year-Old Happy Patient Post Surgery

Want similar surgery success? Get your free quote here!

Is It Safe To Go to Izmir, Turkey, for Knee Replacement?

Whether you need a knee or hip replacement in Turkey, you can stay safe by being careful.

Follow these tips & ensure a successful and secure treatment:

  • Take the time to understand each treatment option‘s benefits, drawbacks & methods.
  • Find a doctor & learn about their work through patient reviews & accolades.
  • Don’t compromise by going after the lowest price. Prioritise quality treatment.
  • Before the trip, make sure to have a virtual consultation with your surgeon.

Other Tips To Stay Safe in Turkey

  • Listen to local authorities for your safety.
  • Secure your stuff watch out for your belongings!
  • Avoid strangers’ rides it’s safer to find a taxi instead.
  • Keep emergency numbers handy in Turkey, just in case!
  • Protect yourself from spiked drinks buy your own and keep an eye on them.

Foreign travel advice Turkey
“…follow the advice of the local security authorities…Be aware of your personal belongings…Accepting lifts from strangers can be dangerous…Buy your own drinks and always keep sight of them so they are not spiked”
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Once you are sure of your safety, you would be able to enjoy your trip better!

Knee Replacement in Izmir Turkey | 10 Ways to Stay Safe

Here’s How You Can Stay Safe in Turkey

Medical Tourism in Izmir, Turkey

The quickest way to reach Izmir is via air.

Check out the table below for your flight options.

Duration of Flights to Izmir
Origin Flight Duration
Paris, Fr 3hr 35m
London, UK 3hr 55m
Birmingham, UK 3hr 55m
Manchester, UK 4hr
Moscow, Ru 5hr

Documents You Need

Foreigners entering Turkey require a passport.

It doesn’t matter whether you get a knee surgery in Izmir or a hip replacement in Istanbul.

But a visa is not essential depending on where you come from.


Passport should be valid for at least 60 days beyond your intended stay on your visa.[18]MFA
Passport Validity Requirements While Entering Türkiye
“ foreigners wishing to enter Türkiye should carry a travel document (passport) with an expiration date at least 60 days beyond the “duration of stay” of their visa, e-Visa, visa exemption, or residence permit.”
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If visa is not essential for you, verify the intended stay from a corresponding document.

Also, have an empty page on your passport for entry and exit stamps.


There are three factors determining whether you need a visa or not:

  • Your nationality
  • Purpose of your visit
  • Duration of your visit

Based on these, the Turkish government requires some tourists to obtain a visa.

Others can enter without it for a limited duration.

For instance, those with an ordinary passport can enter if they belong to the following countries.

Although, only for 60-90 days.[19]MFA
Visa Information For Foreigners
“The citizens of the countries which are stated at the below link are exempted form this Article…UK…Italy…Spain…France…Russia…Ireland…Germany ”
View in Article

  • UK
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • France
  • Russia
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Switzerland

Places to Visit

Once in the country, you can use buses, trams, metro & ferries to enjoy medical tourism in Izmir.

Here are some tourist spots you can’t miss out on!

Alsancak | Tourist Spot in Izmir, Turkey


Ataturk Museum | Tourist Spot in Izmir, Turkey

Ataturk Museum

Ephesus Ancient City | Tourist Spot in Izmir, Turkey

Ephesus Ancient City

Culture Park | Tourist Spot in Izmir, Turkey

Culture Park

Our partner clinic will arrange your city tour if you want.

They’ll take care of your medical needs & notify the tour staff about your upcoming surgery.

Is Izmir not suiting your travel plans? You could also get knee replacement surgery in Istanbul.


Interested in over 39% savings on total knee replacement without insurance?

Or are you looking for surgery without a waiting line?

Maybe you badly need a break from your daily stresses & knee pain.

Knee replacement in Izmir, Turkey, will help!

All you need to do is fill out our free pricing form & we’ll get in touch!


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