In this video, a Missouri resident reviews Bariatric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. She tells us that her experience was good and it exceeded her expectations.

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“Hi, I am Julie Crafton and I am from Branson, Missouri. I came to Tijuana to have a bariatric sleeve done. I had my surgery on Monday. I spent two days. I am feeling pretty good, a little sore but that’s probably to be expected. One of my friend’s mother-in-law had the surgery and this pretty much (missing) them out and I looked it up and I had been doing some you know, looking through things on, googling it and then when she told me about it that’s pretty much where it stayed and did rest of my searching through the site that she told me about.

Once I had seen how, you know, she felt and how much weight she was losing and how she said everybody was so wonderful. I was pretty happy with that. I think they called me like the next day and it was very quick.

Oh! Ya, absolutely, my expectations were everybody being very professional. That was my main thing with me working for hospital. I was worried about that and everything was very professional and I liked that.

My mother travelled with me and we’ve got to see some pretty neat things too over here. So, of course staying here at the hotel has been wonderful. It’s beautiful here and everybody’s been so nice and just friendly as can be. So, it’s been a very good experience. I’ve enjoyed our visit here. Never been out of Missouri much, it’s a huge culture difference. You know to be able to come here and see the way other people live and it’s been pretty cool. And then of course Karen, she’s been wonderful and Rhonda, she helped me know what to eat and then Miss…. Has been taking us wherever we needed to go and Miss Karen has taken mom to get food and it’s all been a very nice experience. So, thank you guys very much.

I have friends that would like to come and then my mom has also had people ask about it also. I am on Facebook; this has been on Facebook the whole time that I’ve been gone. And, I’ve had many friends ask me already you know, how are you doing, how are you feeling, let us know what’s going on. Because you know, sadly, overweight is a plague and it’s hard to get rid of it and it’s nice to know that you have options. “

MTC has facilitated several bariatric surgeries in the past. Here’s another video of our client Lisa, reviewing gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.

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