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Lisa’s Testimonial on Sleeve Gastrectomy in Tijuana – Mexico

Lisa from New Zealand, shares her experience of undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana Mexico.

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“Fantastic advice and support. I had a lot of questions which were all answered promptly and in a caring understanding way.

“From the moment I first came across the Medical Tourism Website, I found it simple and easy to read and follow. All the details I wanted to know were well described and thorough.  It was very easy to make an enquiry and I heard back from my personal consultant within a day. All the emails I had back and forth with her were prompt and informative.

“I had many questions which were all answered in a factual and practical manner. It was also wonderful to have the opportunity to speak with her on the phone, which was very reassuring.  She also shared with me her own personal journey with having the same surgery.  I was given many options and pricing plans for my surgery which was really wonderful, I was able to fully research the hospital and Surgeon, so there were no surprises.

“I was having lapband surgery and decided on the Hospital in Mexico.  I live in New Zealand, so it was a very long way to come for the surgery, but it was about 1/4 of the price, than to have the surgery done at home, which made it very appealing.  With the help of my personal consultant and also directly with the patient liason at the hospital I was able to organise all the details and plans prior to my departure.  When I arrived at San Diego airport I met 3 other ladies who were also having surgery that day.

“It was wonderful to have support and reassurance from them.  We were collected by a driver from the hospital, who was brilliant, he spoke good english and knew exactly where he was going. He took us across the border, with no problems, they have special lanes for medical staff to speed up the process.

“The driver then took us onto the laboratory where we all had blood taken, he was able to interpret for us, although the lab staff knew what we needed taken, prior to our arrival.  We were then taken onto the hospital where we were met by the friendly staff. First we had an appointment with a Registered Nurse who took all our details and medical history.   He was very knowledgeable about all the surgeries and had actually had gastic sleeve surgery himself 3 months prior. He looked amazing and was at his goal weight already. (I found out in the coming days that several members of staff have had some form of bariatric surgery.)

“It was during this appointment that I changed my mind on having the lapband surgery and opted for the gastric sleeve , the nurse was able to give me all the advantages and disadvantages of both, and he highly recommended the Gastric Sleeve.  We then met a cardiologist who took ECG’s and BP, then we met our surgeon.  He was lovely, very kind and reassuring, he spoke relatively good English, but also has an interpreter with him at all times if we have any questions he doesn’t quite understand. I felt very confident with him doing the surgery.  We were then taken to a private room where another nurse very efficiently got us prepared for surgery, IV lines and fluids were promptly organised.

“The Surgery all went very well, at no time was I at all concerned or scared. All the staff are very capable and professional. I felt like I was in very good hands.  Obviously with any surgery the first 24hrs post are a bit miserable, but I felt well supported and cared for from the wonderful nurses.  We were taken to the Guest house the next day, which is a wonderful place to recover.

“Modern, with all the luxuries of home. With a nurse on site 24hrs a day and also a housekeeper, all your needs are attended to in a kind and considerate way. They were just great.  Every little detail of our recovery was planned and seen to perfectly, all the staff have obviously done this many times, and know exactly what they are doing.  Our driver picked us up again when we were ready to leave, he once again helped us get across the border, and then took us onto either the airport or hotel.

“Finding Medical Tourism on the web and using them to organise my surgery has been the best decision of my life. For something so huge and life changing, they made it so easy.  They have obviously researched their hospitals and Surgeons as I only experienced world class service.  Everything went so smoothly and I would highly recommend there services to anyone considering travelling for surgery. They will look after everything for you.  My surgery has been very successful and my weight loss has been amazing.  A big thank you to my personal consultant Sheila, Medical tourism, and all the staff at the Hospital.”

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