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Having a perfect set of teeth is no more a distant dream, thanks to the affordable lumineers in Costa Rica.

Lumineers in Costa Rica

Of lately, this Latin American country has established itself as one of the top destinations for low cost, quality dental treatments.

What are Lumineers?

Lumineer is a registered trademark of Den-Mat Holdings LLC. However, there are many other companies with a similar product at a much affordable cost. For example, Smile Veneers gives the same result as a Lumineer.

Features of Lumineers:

  • Suitable for patients with discolored, stained, chipped, and/or worn out teeth.
  • These are placed over the desired teeth.
  • With Lumineers, the need for grinding or filing down tooth structures is completely eradicated.

Cost of Lumineers in Costa Rica

The price of lumineers in Costa Rica ranges between $400-$550. This is about a third of that in the USA or Europe or Australia.

Price Comparison in USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Australia & Costa Rica
Country Cost Country Cost
USA $2,000 Canada $1,800
UK $1,650 New Zealand $1,350
Australia $700 Costa Rica $550

Why are Lumineers Cheaper in Costa Rica?

There a myriad of reasons that owe to the low cost of porcelain veneers/lumineers in Costa Rica.

  • Firstly, the low cost of living in Costa Rica keeps the prices at bay as compared to the first world countries.
  • The cost of dental works and lab works are also cheaper here which again keeps a check on the cost.
  • Unlike USA, the dental students here do not pass out with a student debt which is further collected as a treatment cost from the patients. [1]HuffPost
    Welcome to Molar City, Mexico, The Dental Mecca America’s Health Care Costs Built
    “…treatments in countries including Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand and India.medical and dental students in Mexico don’t graduate with student loan debt like Americans do and therefore don’t pass those costs on to patients, he said. “
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Even if the cost of veneers in USA, Canada or Australia is high, dental treatments are considered elective procedures by a majority of insurance companies which is why there insurance does not cover them.

This is why people look for low cost porcelain veneer and other cosmetic dentistry options in Costa Rica, Mexico, Thailand, etc.

Procedure for Lumineers in Costa Rica

  • Teeth Polishing: The teeth are polished using a Porcelain Laminate Polishing Paste.
  • Enamel Refreshing: The enamel is refreshed using and the lumineer receiving tooth is separated from the rest of the teeth. This can be done using metal strips or a Paint-on dental dam.

  • Etching: A chemical is applied on your teeth and washed after drying. This prepares your tooth to hold lumineers with adhesives.
  • Bonding: A bonding adhesive is added on your tooth and then the lumineer.
  • Mounting: Finally, your lumineer is applied in place and the extra material is scratched off.

Advantages of Lumineers

Lumineers have a lot of benefits which make them a popular option among international patients.

  • These are quick to apply and can be applied in two sittings only.
  • Your teeth are saved from any enamel scratching and hence sensitivity is avoided due to tooth preparation.
  • There is no need for a temporary cap to protect the prepared tooth.
  • If you don’t like your lumineers, you can get them removed, unlike porcelain veneers which cannot be removed.

Disadvantages of Lumineers

Although lumineers have a good number of benefits, these do come with some disadvantages which you must know in advance.

  • Lumineers make your teeth thicker as these are directly attached to your teeth.
  • As these are ultra-thin, extremely discolored tooth and severely chipped or broken tooth cannot be completely masked with lumineers.
  • Not all the dentists offer this service, therefore finding a professional who does lumineers may be a challenge.
  • This treatment is not for people who clench or grind their teeth (knowingly or unknowingly).

Is Costa Rica a Safe Country for Dental Tourism?

Costa Rica is considered one of the safest countries in Latin America. People, especially the Americans and Canadians consider this green country as both a tourist and a retirement destination.

A recent update from the Forbes[2]Forbes
The Best Places To Retire Abroad In 2020
“To compile our recommended roster of hot spots to retire, we considered a variety of factors…Among them: cost of living; quality and cost of local healthcare; overall safety…local hospitality; weather, food, culture; and how easy it is to get by speaking only English “
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mentions that overall safety, the cost of living and the quality and cost of local healthcare are the biggest factors that make staying in Costa Rica easy.

Moreover, low-cost high-quality medical facilities are another factor that has made Costa Rica a country fit for dental works.

Some more reasons to choose Costa Rica for your dental work are:

Top Dentist in San Jose Costa Rica

Travel Tips for Costa Rica

  • Spanish is the lingua franca of Costa Rica. Some helpful words/phrases are as follows:
    • Hello – Hola
    • Do you speak English? – Habla usted inglés?
    • Thank you – Muchas gracias
    • Yes/no – Sí / no
    • Where is…? –   Dónde está…?
    • Food – Comida

Some handy information while planning your trip to Costa Rica:

  • Americans and Canadians do not require a visa for a stay of fewer than 90 days.
  • A passport with a minimum validity of 30 days is, however, required.
  • Travelers are advised to hire licensed taxis which can be easily identified with their signature red color along with a medallion painted on the side.
  • Thoroughly research on the clinic where you intend to get yourself treated before embarking on your dental trip to Costa Rica.

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