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India Orthopedic Hospital – Services and Facilities

In this video, the head of the orthopedics and joint reconstruction in a reputed hospital in India talks about the city and the services provided by the hospital to international patients.

“For all the patients coming to us from international destinations, we obviously go open heart to welcome…to give the maximum possible that…we do offer them free shuttle pick up from the airport and drop back to the airport.

“We have in-house stay available at…so even if the patient is there within the hospital premises just adjunct to that the family can be with them so that they can take care emotionally as well as psychologically be comforted if relatives are around.

“The staying patterns are taken care of. The patients’ meals are also taken care of depending on which part of the globe they belong to…certain food habits…feel good factor would definitely spread out to make it happen for them. Chandigarh in general is in India is called the ‘city beautiful’.

“It’s one of the most the most pleasant and the most beautiful and green city across India and one of the best cities, for sure, in north India. And it has been designed by the French architect Le Corbusier, it is not very old, built in 1960s so it’s 40 to 50 years…

“It is a very planned and scenic beauty. It’s in the foothills of Shivalik, so out here if you want to go to on a small vacation, going to hills is a one hour drive”

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