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Same Day Dental Implants in Costa Rica – Surgeon Video

In this video, a leading dental implants surgeon from Costa Rica talks about the patient volume and success rate at the hospital.

Video Narration

“We being actually the only with medium, low implants for almost 7 years now. Myself, I’ve been placing them for almost three and a half almost four years. Myself, I’ve been placing almost close to more than seven thousand implants. We have an average of 20 implants a day. It became an easy process and the success rate is if it’s not the same higher than the…basically has to do with the healing process that it’s easier for the bone to heal if it has the normal binding force that the implants would give it and we’re seeing it there is…future in the process. So, I’m seeing that in next 10 years people using these kinds of implants and making it easier for everybody, but it’s an easy process. Even though we have patients who ask for two stage implants and they want to wait 6 months, we’ll do it. But, if you ask me, I will stick to 1stage implant because it’s easier for everybody. And, why wait if you can actually make it, I mean load it right there and make the two work.”

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