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Hospital Angeles Juarez – A Quality Gastric Lap Band Surgery Center

Hospital Angeles in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico is part of Grupo Angeles, a business group that owns the largest private hospital chain in Mexico. The hospital is a very popular destination forUS patients wanting lap band surgery (adjustable laparoscopic gastric banding). This is a popular type of bariatric (obesity/weight loss) surgery. An investment of more than 84 Million US dollars went into setting up this hospital.

Hospital Angeles - Ciudad

There are no border charges to enter Ciudad Juarez from the USA. Travel by car, taxi, bus, and even simply walking across on foot is quite common across this international border. It took us less than 15 to minutes drive form the El Paso airport baggage claim area to the hospital in Juarez.

Hospital Angeles, Juarez, is a world class medical care facility designed especially to provide state-of-the-art high quality medical care to international patients. The hospital boasts of some of the best doctors in their field, supported by an able staff and latest medical technology equipment. Top bariatric surgeons (lap band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass ) surgeons practice at this facility.

Video of Hospital Angeles, Juarez Mexico

Pictures of Hospital Angeles, Juarez Mexico

We were told that more than 70% of the current patients here for lap band are from United States. This was confirmed when we observed many Americans in the hosptial lobby. With the cost of high quality medical care here at a fraction of the USA cost, it is not surprising. Lap band surgery cost in Mexico is about US $8000 vs. the USA cost for the same surgery around US $25,000.

The hospital is a fully integrated hospital, meaning it offers complete medical services in-house (outpatient clinic, emergency room, pharmacy, intensive care unit, intermediate ICU, neonatal ICU, intermediate neonatal ICU, X-ray, tomography, MRI, nuclear medicine, fluoroscopy (it’s a X-Ray type machine used for lap band adjustments), angiography, fully equipped laboratory, blood bank, helicopter landing zone, doctor offices and more).

Reception Area - Ciudad Juarez

The hospital is self-contained with its own chapel, cafeteria, pharmacy, gift shop, ATM, and more. Unless, you want to take a look around, there will be no need for you to step outside the hospital premises.

For people wanting a taste of good old American fast foods, fast foods chains like Haagen-Dazs, Wendy, Subway, and Carl’s are walking distance from the hospital. But these might not be of interest to bariatric surgery patients.

About three miles from the hospital is a Hampton Inn Hotel, part of the Hilton Family, and a 4-star Mexican Hotel: City Express. These are used rarely by hospital patients as the patient and an accompanying guest are accommodated in the hospital.

Medical Tourism Corporation team hopes this report helps you in your journey to find the right medical destination.

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