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Gastric Sleeve Tijuana Testimonial of Client from Oklahoma

Watch Jessica’s testimonial on having the gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana. In her review of bariatric surgery in TJ, Mexico, she is all praise for the doctors, hospital, her destination manager as well as the hotel booked by MTC for her stay.

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Video Transcription

Jessica – My name is Jessica Anderson and I am from Marlow, Oklahoma. And I came to Mexico to have the gastric sleeve done.

Why did you choose Tijuana for bariatric surgery?

Jessica – Because in the United States my insurance did not cover anything and it was going to cost over $13,000. So it was a lot cheaper and financially better off for me and my family.

What made you choose Med Tourism Co., LLC over others?

Jessica – I looked at a few places back home and I looked at a few different companies in Mexico but I chose Medical Tourism Co. as they allowed me to bring a guest free of charge and the other ones wanted to charge for the extra person.

What did you think of the doctors?

Jessica – They are very polite, very good. Everyone was always… If I had to push my button they were here in just a few minutes. But usually I never had to push the button because they were always checking on me.

Oh I love Dr. Gonzalez. He was awesome, very friendly, funny, down to earth, and easy to talk to.

How was the hospital?

Jessica – The facility is very nice, it’s very clean. Probably cleaner than most US hospitals that I have been to. It’s very nice.

How was the hotel booked by MTC for your stay?

Jessica – The hotel was very nice, very clean, and modern.

What do you think of your destination manager?

Jessica – She’s was awesome! I love Karen!

Anything that you would like to add?

Jessica – I would just say that if you were contemplating coming over here to have surgery you should check out Med Tourism Co. and give them a chance. It was one of the best experiences that I have had.

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