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Testimonial – Gastric Sleeve Bariatric Surgery in TJ, Mexico

Video testimonial of Richard from Mooresville, North Carolina who had his weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.

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Richard found the prices back home in the US considerably higher than in Mexico and his insurance company was not going to cover his bariatric surgery. After extensive research he finally chose Tijuana (TJ) and Med. Tourism Co., LLC (MTC) for his surgery. He also adds that the quality of care in TJ was comparable to that in the United States.

Richard further says that saving more than $50,000 was really important to him and that he was very pleased with the decision that he has made.  On being asked why he chose MTC for his procedure he said that unlike other companies, it covered each and every aspect of the trip – right from pick-up to ensuring he would be back on time.

He was particularly impressed with the prompt correspondence with the case managers. All his queries would be answered within a day’s time. Quick communication was another factor that made him choose MTC over other online companies.

Richard was accompanied by his wife on the trip and was even pleased with the arrangements made for her. He adds that the she was well-taken care of – someone would even take her out for breakfast! A non-Spanish speaker, his wife was as involved in the process as was Richard, as everything was explained to her in English.

Coming from a family of doctors and nurses, Richard found his surgeons incredibly professional. He also adds that there were no hesitations or confusions as the doctors spoke “excellent and immaculate English.”

He found the hospital and hotel very clean and immaculate, and was all-praise for the services. He found no difference between the quality care in Mexico and the United States. In his own words, he did not “see any type of quality drop.”

This is what he had to say about his destination manager – “From the very first moment that we met her till our very last day, she has just been undeniably one of the best people we could have had in this position.” He also pointed out that he did not face any language barriers at the hospital as everyone spoke good English.

Richard signs off saying that if he had to come down again for any other surgical procedure he would look into MTC first, and highly recommends it.

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