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Gastric Band Surgery in Mexico

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Gastric Band Surgery is the same as Lap Band Surgery. Gastric Band in Mexico is available at a significantly lower cost as compared to the same in the United States and Canada.
A gastric band is a device, which is placed on the upper part of the stomach with the help of small incisions (of about 1 cm) that are made in the abdomen. The new stomach so formed has a lesser capacity and the person feels satiated very quickly.

What is the procedure for?

  • A painless and simple procedure lasts for about 30-60 minutes that helps in losing weight for the patient.
  • The main purpose of this procedure is the creation of a small pouch in the upper area of the stomach, with the help of an adjustable stoma that restricts the amount of food intake without the need for stapling.

What does a surgery package include?

  • Assistance in Passport & Visa , if required
  • Getting the load for treatment financed
  • If shopping for airline tickets, assistance provided
  • Discounted hotels stay pre & post procedure
  • Free transport facility & stay for accompanying person at the hospital during patient stay
  • All expenses incurred during and post treatment, related to treatment
  • Assistance related to the tourism activities, prescribed & approved by the doctor
  • A Manager at the destination to help you with any questions or assistance 24×7
  • Guidance related to any pre & post operative questions
  • A Copy in English of the medical reports & operation notes
  • If needed, pre or post procedures teleconference with the doctor.

What is not included in the package?

Gastric Band in Mexico Border Towns

Gastric Band Surgery in Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, and other Mexican border towns could be a viable option for most Americans and Canadians, who are unable to afford weight loss surgery in their local hospitals and clinics.

What are the cultural tips for Mexico?

  • Official Language: Spanish. Mexicans are well versed with English as well.
  • Greeting Etiquette: Women greet each other by patting on the right forearm or shoulder. Men greet by shaking hands or by hugging and backslapping.
  • Gifting Etiquette: Flowers or sweets are the preferred gifts. Marigold and red flowers should be avoided. White flowers are ideal gifts.
  • Tipping: It is common culture of Mexico. It is not only customary, but is expected and appreciated in return for good service.
  • Try speaking Spanish. It is appreciated.
  • Timings considered for Lunch in Mexico: 1PM – 3 PM.
  • Avoid Jaywalking: One can be fined for it in Mexico.
  • Prefer wearing lightweight casual clothing.
  • Gifting flowers or sweets when invited by someone is appreciated. Avoid Marigold and red flowers, as they are not considered auspicious.
  • Mexican families follow traditional pattern of father being the decision maker. In addition, one may find many joint families in Mexico, as it is one of the most important family values there.

What are the travel tips for Mexico?

  • Daylight Saving time observed.
  • Following acts are considered offences in Mexico:
    • Sale/transportation/possession of all kinds of drugs.
    • Sale/transportation/possession of all kinds of archaeological remains.
    • Sale/transportation/possession of any kind of endangered species or their derived products.
    • Destruction or removal of any aquatic coral.
  • Mexican official currency is Peso.
  • When on a beach, the following flags depict their meanings:
    • Green Flag: Safe
    • Yellow Flag: Rough water, swim with care.
    • Red Flag: Very rough water, swim only near edge.
    • Black Flag: Danger. Swimming not allowed.
  • Drugstores are open 24 hours a day; however, it is advised to carry a first-aid kit along.
  • Avoid accepting any drink from unknown people.
  • If visiting Mexico for more than 72 hours or travel 150 miles south of the border, make sure that a tourist permit is carried along.
  • It is advised to carry medical insurance policy along all the times so that in case of emergency it is accessible.
  • Always be alert and try avoiding attention of all towards yourself, not just when visiting Mexico but any other place in the world.
  • Be prepared for smog and a high altitude of about 7,349 feet above sea level.
  • Hail taxis registered with hotels or call radio cabs.

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