Watch this video testimonial of Michelle Boggs and Nancy Hunter from Troy and Gastonia, North Carolina respectively as they describe their experience of getting affordable Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana - Mexico. They consider themselves fortunate to be able to travel together to Tijuana for their Bariatric Surgery in Mexico.


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Video Transcription

“Michelle - My name is Michelle Boggs and I am from Troy, North Carolina.

Nancy - And I am Nancy Hunter and I am from Gastonia, North Carolina. No, we are not related, we have just been really good friends for 20 years. I came here for Bariatric Surgery.

Michelle – And I also came here for the Bariatric Surgery; the sleeve.

Nancy – I have a friend at home in North Carolina that came here and she told me how wonderful it was and what a good job everybody did, how friendly and everything and it’s just been a great experience, so it's because of her.

Michelle – And the cost was a lot different than that in the United States and we were able to get our processes done a lot quicker and easier coming through the program.

Nancy – In the US I would say it probably would have cost around 20 to 25 thousand Dollars.

Michelle – I would think that we saved anywhere between 15 to 20 thousand Dollars. We did not look anywhere else because she had a friend that had been through the program and had such good positive things to say about it that we felt like that.. you know sometimes the referrals are a lot better than doing more research on your own.

Nancy – We had surgery yesterday morning and we feel.. I feel great.

Michelle – Yeah I do too, feel wonderful.

Nancy – It’s very nice, the hospital is nice, everything is clean, everybody is very very friendly.

Michelle – Yeah, couldn’t have asked for a friendlier staff and service and anything that we have asked, we have always been able to get and just really enjoyed meeting the people and getting the care that we have, it’s been wonderful.

Nancy – All the doctors have been great, very friendly, very uh.. helpful you know, “is there anything we could do?” “can we help you if you’re in pain.” So yeah they’ve been really.. all the surgeons and doctors have been great.

Michelle – And constantly checking in on us the doctors… we’ve seen several of them, between the anesthesiologist to the surgeon to the on-floor doctor, we have seen them all multiple times, just making sure that they’re checking in and, that we’re ok and answering any questions. I think if anyone leaves here and has a question; they shouldn’t because they get plenty of opportunities to get their questions answered.

Nancy – The nurses have been really really friendly and really nice and sweet and our nutritionist was wonderful. She was very informative.

Michelle – The process, once we submitted our application and started working with our contact. It was just a couple of weeks and really we could have had the surgery a lot sooner than we did if we wanted to. We just chose to wait a little bit to come here in the fall.

Nancy – I definitely would recommend to friends and family and we’ll be… I’m sure.

Michelle – Yeah have actually already some people that we’ve talked to and let people know, they were already very excited about it so we definitely have some friends that we would definitely recommend it to, especially now going through the experience of meeting the team here and how wonderful everybody has been and so helpful, so it’s definitely a good recommendation.

Nancy – And our Coordinator. Karen has been wonderful, she really has.

Michelle – I am just grateful for the opportunity to have something like this that is a lot more affordable (in unison), and the care that we have received is you know, anything that we could have ever asked for.. better than I could have asked for so we are just thankful for the opportunity to be able to come down here.

Nancy – I agree 100%.

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