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Five Months Post Lap Band to Sleeve Revision in Tijuana, Mexico

Watch Erica’s video testimonial on lap band to gastric sleeve revision in Tijuana, Mexico. She is an Arizona native and already five months into her revision bariatric surgery.

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Video Transcription

Can you please introduce yourself and where you come from?

“My name is Erica Jahner and I come from Gilbert, Arizona. I am here in Mexico this time because my husband is getting the gastric sleeve done.”

Have you been here before?

“Yup, this is the second time I have been here. I was here about five months ago and had the gastric sleeve done myself.”

Can you share your views on revision bariatric surgery?

“The gastric sleeve, when I came here was actually my second bariatric surgery. I had lap band about ten years ago. About an year prior to my surgery I had my lap band removed because of complications and my insurance would not cover having it redone or having another lap band so that is why we started looking at other options, self-pay type options.”

Why did you choose MTC (Medical Tourism Co)?

“We looked into a lot of companies  when I was trying to decide where to get it done. Medical Tourism Co had great reviews and they were the ones we decided to go with.”

What can you say about the staff and services offered?

“From when I first contacted Medical Tourism Co, I got a response almost immediately, answering any questions I had and I had a lot because of everything that I went through with my lap band. The customer service from beginning to end and then when my husband started till now has been absolutely amazing – top notch. The nurses here have been great. Anybody that I have had to email or contact – almost immediately we get a response back.

“It’s been one of the best experiences that we have had especially dealing with weight loss and hospitals and things like that.”

Did you save on your lap band revision in Tijuana, Mexico with MTC compared to the USA?

“Pricewise, there was a huge difference. We looked into doing self-pay in Arizona and the surgeon that took out my lap band wanted almost $20,000 to do the gastric sleeve surgery. That is a lot of money.”

“I decided to look-up other places that were less expensive. Medical Tourism Co was very reasonably priced. It was under $5,000 for mine. It was a little more expensive because I had to have a revision. I had scarring, I had other things.”

How do you feel post revision bariatric surgery?

“The doctors were great though. I did not have complications with my second surgery. I am almost five months out and I feel amazing.”

How much weight have you lost so far?

“In five months I have lost about 47 pounds. It’s been exciting and expensive because you have to buy new clothes –– a lot.”

How was your experience with MTC?

“I would recommend getting a sleeve done with Medical Tourism Co to everybody and anybody. It’s been a great experience. The staff is amazing, the nursing staff is amazing. It’s just been great and coming back with my husband it’s been awesome. We got to see some of the same people we saw before. A lot of them did not recognize me at first but it happens when you lose a lot of weight.”

MTC is a US based company facilitating affordable bariatric surgery in its network hospitals in Mexico. The weight loss packages for Tijuana are inclusive of surgeon’s fees, airport pick-up and hospital stay.

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