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Shawn Reviews Lap Band Revision in Tijuana, Mexico

Shawn Clubb from Beaumont, Texas reviews lap band to gastric sleeve revision surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.

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Video Transcription

My name is Shawn Clubb. I am from Beaumont, Texas. Here to have bariatric weight loss surgery which was actually a revision for the lap band that I had earlier probably about 15 years ago. It is so much more affordable here in Mexico. And the company that I actually went through was referred to me by a friend and it is just excellent service from that company. 

“I got online and researched but I just stuck to Medical Tourism Corporation. 

“The service in unbelievable. I have never had … to me I got better service here than in America. So I have really enjoyed. The doctors are all wonderful, the nurses and even the people that brought us to from the airport and all the way to the hospital – they stay with you the entire time. 

“Wednesday, about three days ago. I am feeling really good. Was sore at first but a lot better now. 

“All the surgeons that I met, my team of doctors was excellent. I liked it very much. I don’t think I can say anything bad about anyone but I definitely loved Dr. Camelo and Dr. Reyna.

“The services were great and also the facilities were wonderful. The Grand Hotel here in Tijuana would match with any of the upper scale, 5 star hotels in the US I have been to.

“The hospital is great and clean as any other hospital I have been to in the United States. Probably a little smaller but definitely a great hospital.

 “If I did have to do something again I think I would come to Tijuana or to Mexico to do it because of the services in my opinion are that much better. I would say if anybody is thinking about having a surgery, they should definitely contact Medical Tourism Corporation. They do a wonderful job. Like I said there is a case manager that starts with you in the United States. You are assigned a driver, a case manager here. And they stay with you the entire time. I would recommend it to my friends, family, and my enemies!”

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