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Loan Guidelines For Approval

A number of people who choose elective surgery abroad (Mexico, India, Thailand, Costa Rica, etc.) consider medical loans/credit.

Below are minimum guidelines that most loan processing companies consider for overseas medical loan approval.

  1. Consistent employment of 2 years or more (same field of business).
  2. Gross Monthly income of $1500.00.
  3. Minimum FICO score 580 with no open collections (small open collections are acceptable), or unsatisfied judgments.
  4. Bankruptcies must be discharged for 2 years to the month.
  5. Minimum 2 years established a credit history with unsecured credit extended.

The addition of a qualified co-signer can still qualify someone who does not meet all of the above criteria; however, the co-signer must also meet such criteria.

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