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How to Save for Surgery with Bad Credit?

Are you unable to finance your surgery due to bad credit score? MTC’s advance savings plan lets you save up for your weight loss, dental and cosmetic surgery abroad. Contact your Case Manager to enroll for the same. Let lack of finances not hinder your medical journey!

Unable to Afford Surgery?

Don’t worry. We got you covered!

Research shows if you automate Savings for a Purpose, it helps avoid impulse buying of flashy things that you may not really need.1

Loan Rejection can be upsetting and saving up with an expensive modern lifestyle is tough. Hence, we at MTC, have come up with an alternative to aid you in getting your desired medical treatment. 

Automation is a smart money trick that will make savings for the treatment a priority.

How Savings Scheme for Surgery Works?

  • Decide on the procedure that you want.
  • Determine an appropriate amount that you can set aside from your paycheck.
  • Set up an auto-deposit amount to MTC from your paycheck and let us save for you.
  • Once your savings and in-hand amount reach the target procedure cost, you are good to go for the treatment.

The best part about it – you get to decide the deposit amount as per your income!

The outcome of automating savings may pleasantly surprise you without you even noting the difference in income.

Note: We do not charge anything for this scheme.

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For more information, please call us at +1-800-661-2126, or email your case manager.


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