Looking for a way to prioritize your dental health without breaking the bank? Dental tourism in Croatia is here to save the day! Enjoy 80% off UK prices for budget-friendly dental care in Croatia. Allow us to be your guide to plan a dental trip like no other. Let's get started!

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All You Need To Know- Dental Work in Croatia

Cost of Dental Work in Croatia

With dental work costing up to 80% less than in the UK, get ready for unbelievable savings in Croatia! For instance, porcelain veneers cost only €255 in Croatia.

Which is only a fraction of the €1,130 you'd have to pay in the UK! All on 4 implants can cost up to €16,000 in UK while they only cost €4,852 in Croatia.

Need more details? Check out the table below!

Cost of Dental Work in Croatia
Dental Procedure Croatia UK Savings
Dental Implants
Titanium Implant* €664 €3,284 85%
All-on-4 Dental Implants* €4,852 €16,000 85%
All-on-6 Dental Implants* €6,128 €18,000 75%
Dental Crowns & Veneers
Porcelain Crown* €357 €755 45%
Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown* €225 €1,000 85%
Porcelain Veneer* €255 €1,130 85%
Immediate Acrylic Full Denture €511 €1,020 50%
Immediate Acrylic Partial Denture €409 €1,000 65%
Root Canal Treatment
Anterior €31 €300 84%
Pre-Molar €51 €350 85%
Molar €71 €450 78%
Wisdom Tooth Extraction €31 €510 86%
Other Treatments
X-ray/CT Scan €20/€112 €450 86%
Regular Teeth Cleaning €31 €100 80%
*per arch/per unit
**The cost of the treatment varies from case-to-case.

Save ~80% on dental care!

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Popular Dental Treatments in Croatia

Some of the most sought-after dental procedures in Croatia include:

Dental Veneers

A cosmetic dentistry procedure to cover the front of teeth.[1]

Cost in UK: €1,130

Cost in Croatia: €255

Cost savings: 85%

Dental Implant

Artificial tooth replacement for damaged teeth.[2]

Cost in UK: €3,284

Cost in Croatia: €664

Cost savings: 85%

Dental Crowns

A cap placed over a tooth to restore shape and size.[3]

Cost in UK: €755

Cost in Croatia: €357

Cost savings: 45%

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Speed, Precision & Digital Magic in Trogir!
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Smile Design Dentistry in Croatia

Dental Packages in Croatia

Want to save more money?

Then our dental packages in Croatia is just what you're looking for! Our provider clinics are currently offering amazing deals that can help you save big.

Interested? Scroll down for more details!

Our limited time offers help you get the care you need at an affordable price. We've worked hard to ensure that we provide the best value for your money!

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Dental Tourism in Croatia: Why It Should Be on Your Radar?

Dental work in Croatia offers a unique dental experience clubbed with a restful holiday. Here are the top 6 reasons to consider dental treatment in Croatia:

Dental care in Croatia is affordable & high in quality.

  • Get savings up to 80% here compared to the UK!
  • Croatia’s lower cost of living makes it a better and more affordable option.[4]
  • Croatian dentists treat each patient individually.
  • They understand your dental needs and provide a custom treatment plan.
  • Dentists in Croatia speak English fluently.
  • You’ll be able to communicate easily in a familiar language.

Our partner clinics use the latest technology like:

  • 3D scanning,
  • CAD/CAM and
  • panoramic X-rays.

A new experience awaits you! Discover the ultimate blend of:

  • High-quality dental care
  • Awe-inspiring landscapes in Croatia.

Want to take a deeper look inside Croatia's dental clinics? Keep reading!

Top 6 Dental Clinics in Croatia

Beautiful setting, high-quality and affordable dental work- Croatia has it all! Wait until you see its cutting-edge dental clinics.

Find more information about the top 6 dental clinics in Croatia below.

Check out the video below to virtually tour our provider dental clinic in Croatia!

Provider Dental Clinics in Croatia

Best Dentists in Croatia

Croatian dentists have a reputation for excellent services rivalling other European countries.[6] So, be rest assured that you're in good hands!

See some of the best dentists in Croatia and their credentials.

Dr. Dario Repic

17+ years



Endodontics, Restorative Dentistry


Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb

  • Member of ESE and CSE
Dr. Ivan Lukšić
Dr. Ivan Lukšić

5+ years



Implantology, Prosthetics and Oral Surgery


School of dental medicine, University of Zagreb

  • Completed certificate of International Team of Implantology by Straumann
  • Completed certificate of Q-Implants Marathon, Dominican Republic
Dr. Ivana Lijić
Dr. Ivana Lijić

19+ years



Implants, Prosthetics


University of Zagreb, Croatia

  • International membership in DGZI
  • Part of Croatian associations such as DGZI, HLZ, DGZI
Dr. Branimir Beusr

19+ years



Zagreb Dental College

  • Inventor of Super-Stable Centrifuge Concept
  • Creator of Beus micro-fracture surgical technique
Dr. Ivica Pelivan
Dr. Ivica Pelivan

17+ years



Prosthodontics, Dental Implantology


School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb

  • Performed over 10,000 treatments
  • Associate Professor at University of Zagreb

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Dental Tourism in Croatia Review

Hear the tales of our thrilled patients, as they recount their transformative dental journeys in Croatia!

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Our Happy Patients & Their Experiences
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Ken's Review
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Kenny's Review

Is Dental Work in Croatia Safe?

Yes, dental work in Croatia is risk-free. But you don't have to take our word for it! Scroll down to find out what makes dental work in Croatia safe.

Qualified & Experienced Dentists

  • Croatia has a high standard of dental education.[7]
  • The dentists are well-trained and experienced.

Advanced Equipment and Technology

  • Dentists in Croatia use modern techniques to provide the best treatment possible.
  • This ensures that procedures are safe with minimal discomfort.

Sterilization and Hygiene Standards

Our partner clinics adhere to strict sterilization and hygiene standards.

This includes:

  • Using disposable equipment
  • Sterilizing instruments
  • Regularly cleaning the clinic

Can’t wait to pack your bags and head to your chosen clinic in Croatia? Croatia secured the 15th spot in the 2022 Global Peace Index Report.[8]

Still, these small precautions can ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip to Croatia:

  • Avoid walking alone at night, especially in unfamiliar areas.
  • Keep a photocopy of your passport with you.
  • Stick to eating and drinking at trustworthy restaurants and bars.
  • Be mindful of your belongings and always keep them close.

Source: Travellers World Wide[9]

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Is Croatia Safe? What To Expect on Your Dental Trip to Croatia!

Dental Tourism in Croatia

Get your dream smile at a dream location! Join the millions of visitors who have discovered the beauty of Croatia.[10]

Follow our Croatia dental tourism guide in the next few sections to know more.

Croatia boasts numerous incredible places that charm you at first sight. Here are some exciting things to do during your stay:


Looking to unwind after your dental appointment? Explore the enchanting city of Zadar!

For art enthusiasts, Zadar offers two unmissable attractions:

  • Greetings to the Sun: transforms solar energy into a beautiful light show.
  • The Sea Organ: an installation that transforms the movement of waves into soothing sounds.

Source: Chasingthedonkey[11]


You simply can't miss visiting Trogir! It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site and totally worth experiencing.[12]

Don't forget to:

  • Visit the Old Town and Central Square.
  • Relax on a delightful waterfront promenade.
  • Take a day trip to the stunning Blue Cave and Hvar.


Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site,[13] Split is the second largest city in Croatia.[14]Here's a few things you can do:

  • Explore Diocletian's Palace and the Archaeological Museum.
  • Climb to Marjan Forest Park and the Marjan Stairway.
  • Enjoy a day trip to Zlatni Rat and sunrise at a pebble beach.


Known as the 'Pearl of the Adriatic'- Dubrvonik is located along the Dalmatia Coast. [15]

When in Dubrovnik, don't forget to:

  • Take the Game of Thrones Walking Tour of Dubrovnik
  • Walk the spectacular Stradun Street, also known as Placa.
  • Visit the Cavat old city and relax on Banje Beach, one of the top beaches in Croatia.

Croatian cuisine is a fusion of flavours and influences from Italy, Austria, and Hungary. [16]

Here are the top 3 dishes you simply cannot miss:

  • Black Risotto: Its dark color is from squid ink, adding to its unique flavor.
  • Fritule: Delicious little doughnut balls that are a must-have!
  • Gregada: A delicious fish stew, mostly famous in Hvar.
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Dental Trip to Croatia: Your Quick Guide to a Dental Holiday in Zagreb!

Croatia is home to 9 international airports and flights are frequently available![17]

The quickest way to get to Croatia from London is to take a 2-hour nonstop to Zagreb.

See the following table for information on direct flights to Croatia.


Planning to visit our provider clinics Dentech and Dentelli in Split, Croatia? Check out the flight details below!

From Flight Time
Manchester (MAN) 3hr 35min
London (LHR) 2hr 35min
Glasgow (GLA) 3hr
New York (JFK) 9hr 19min
Chicago (ORD) 10hr 19min

Planning to head to Trogir? The nearest airport is in Split. Only 4.6 kms away, it takes 10 minutes by bus from Split Airport to Trogir!


Interested in Zara Dental Center, our partner clinic in Zadar? Check out the flight details below!

From Flight Time
London (LHR) 2hr 25min
Manchester (MAN) 2hr 35min
Glasgow (GLA) 2hr 52min
New York (JFK) 9hr 10min
Chicago (ORD) 10hr 10min


Loved the facilities at Dentum in Zagreb for your new smile? Here's how long it'll take to fly there!

From Flight Time
London (LHR) 2hr 20min
Manchester (MAN) 2hr 30min
Glasgow (GLA) 2 hr 49min
New York (JFK) 9hr 6min
Chicago (ORD) 10hr 5min


Love Dubrovnik, Croatia? Check out the flight details below!

From Flight Time
London (LHR) 2 hr 45min
Manchester (MAN) 3hr 4min
Glasgow (GLA) 3hr 12min
New York (JFK) 9hr 30min
Chicago (ORD) 10hr 31min

If you want to travel within Croatia, you have many options. Discover the most common modes of transportation while in Croatia:

  • Bus: Well-organized and affordable.
  • Car: A cheap way but you’ll need a driver's license.
  • Trains: Cheaper than a bus but slower and less frequent.
  • Domestic flights: You’ll get from Zagreb to the Adriatic coastline within an hour!

Source: Rough Guides[18]

Croatia is easily accessible for EU citizens to enjoy a trip without a visa. However, the documents you must bring with you include:

  • A valid passport at least 3 months after the day you plan to leave.
  • Use obrazac 16 a  to register your arrival in Croatia via your accommodation provider within 1 day.

You don’t need to show a:

  • COVID-19 vaccine certificate,
  • Proof of a negative test, or
  • Certificate of recovery to enter Croatia.

But you may need to show:

  • A return or onward ticket,
  • Proof of accommodation, and
  • Proof of money for your stay.

Source: Gov.UK[19]

Fun Facts About Croatia

Want to know some interesting facts about Croatia? Learn more about this lovely European country below:

  • Hum, the world’s smallest town, is in Croatia.
  • The Dalmatian dog is from Dalmatia in Croatia.
  • Croatia has 1244 islands, but only less than 50 are inhabited.
  • The hit TV show 'Game of Thrones' was filmed in Croatia.
  • Nikola Tesla, the famous inventor, was born and raised in Smiljan, Croatia.

Source: Adventurous Miriam[20]

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Dental implants in Croatia cost only €664, up to 80% less than €3,284 in the UK. If you’d like a smile reconstruction with all on 4 in Croatia, it’s just €4,852 per arch.

The same procedure is over 70% more in the UK, costing €16,000 at least.

Yes, dental work in Croatia is cheaper than in most Western countries like the UK.

For instance, dental implants start from €664 in Croatia, while veneers are €255 per unit. In the UK, prices are almost 80% higher, where you’d pay €3,284 for a single tooth implant.

Cheap dental work in Croatia will not compromise the quality of care. Dentists are certified to offer high-quality services. Also, the equipment is of high standards, as you can find at home.

Dentists in Croatia are highly qualified and well-trained to perform excellent outcomes. They boast of:

  • Extensive training and education,
  • Positive patient reviews,
  • English fluency,
  • Professional and friendly approach.

You can pay for your dental treatment in Croatia using various methods, like:

  • Cash
  • Credit cards
  • Bank transfer

Croatian clinics accept both Euros and British pounds for your convenience.


Who says dental work has to be a pain in the wallet?

Get your dream smile and vacation in one go with Dental Work in Croatia. Affordable dental treatments and stunning beaches – what more could you want?

Get a confident smile in Croatia!

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