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Dental Implants – Arizona–Mexico Border

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For Americans and Canadians, dental implants in the Arizona-Mexico border area offer an affordable solution. Teeth implants in Los Algodones provide affordable options to US citizens who don’t have dental insurance and are concerned about the cost of dental implants in their native places.

Dental Implant Cost in Los Algodones

Dental Implants in Los Algodones cost about $750. In the US, the cost of a single dental implant is $2,800.

The cost depends on the brand of implants as well. A single unit dental implant of BHI Shark will cost around $790, MIS dental implant cost $890, Nobel BioCare implants cost $1,200, and Straumann implants cost $1,250. The table below gives the approximate cost of common dental implant procedures.

Dental Implant Procedure USA Cost Algodones Cost*
Single Tooth Implant Only $2,790 $790
Implant and Crown + Abutment $4,930 $1,220
All-on-4 Implants $24,000 $7,085
All-on-6 Implants $30,000 $7,500
All-on-8 Implants $36,000 $10,205

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Information about Dental Implants

Dental Implant and natural tooth

When considering traveling for dental implants in US-Mexico border areas, you may want to familiarize yourself with what dental implants are. Some information you should know is:

  • Dental implants are long-term tooth replacements composed of titanium metal screws that are inserted in the jawbone to replace natural tooth roots.
  • Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants do not decay or slip, allowing you to talk, smile, and eat comfortably.
  • Dental implants can replace multiple teeth without affecting the teeth that they border, unlike other dental bridges

How to Get Dental Implants in Algodones

Reaching Algodones from the US

Arizona Algodones Dental Implants Travel info

Los Algodones does not have an airport but is a 20 – 30 minute drive from Yuma International Airport, AZ. Alternatively, you can also reach here from Mexicali International Airport, Mexico or San Diego International Airport, CA.

  • Many retail outlets accept the US dollar, but it is still recommended to carry Mexican currency, Mexican peso.
  • If you’re driving across the border, be aware that only auto insurance purchased through businesses in Mexico is accepted. You can purchase short-term coverage from businesses along the road on the way into Mexico if you’d like.

Dental Implant Procedure and Duration

Dental implant surgery is completed in 1 – 3 visits.

Visit 1: 5 to 12 days

  1. The dentist will examine your oral cavity and identify the dental implants that are ideal for your case.
  2. If you are eligible for dental implants, the surgery will be done right away.
  3. A denture or dental crowns are fitted atop dental implants, giving you fully functional teeth.
  4. You can begin eating as soon as the anesthesia wears off. Follow the diet recommended by your dentist for uneventful healing of implants.

Visit 2: Up to 5 days

  1. Visit 2 is scheduled after the implant site is completely healed.
  2. Porcelain denture is fitted on implants. This denture is aesthetically more pleasing and can also withstand stronger biting forces.

When are 3 visits needed? If your bone quality is poor, you may need another visit for a bone graft surgery before implants are planted. The bone graft surgery will assist bone formation. It may take 4 – 6 months for the bone to form and be ready for supporting dental implants.

Why Look for Implants at the Arizona-Mexico Border?

  • The close proximity of Mexico means low-cost dental implants in Mexico border towns do not require a big-time commitment. Even a day trip across the border could be sufficient to restore your smile.
  • Since they get frequent visits from medical tourists, it is easy to find doctors in these towns, who speak English, so you don’t have to worry about miscommunication during your trip for teeth implants in Mexico border areas.
  • Mexico hospitals provide modern care at the hands of well trained and experienced medical professionals.
  • Dental implants in Los Algodones and other Mexican border cities provide similar quality and level of care as offered in the US, at prices that are just a fraction of those.
  • In addition to the low cost of dental implants in Mexico border towns, you can also receive discounted prices on any prescription drugs prescribed after your procedure.
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