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Bangkok Hospital for Obstetrics

 & Gynecology Surgery

In this video, a renowned doctor from Thailand talks about medical tourists visiting Bangkok hospital for obstetrics and gynecology surgery.

The doctor is leading obstetrician and gynecologist in a hospital in Thailand. He talks about estimated no. of local patients and medical tourists visiting the hospital for high quality healthcare treatment at affordable price.

Video Narration

“50 percent of our patients her are Thai and other 50 are expats.  Japanese probably the most percentage of expat we have here.  This is because our hospital is ……. with Japanese people whose hospital work for the Japanese company and also like a …… expected from work here or formally our neighboring country Cambodia, Laos, even from Pakistan and Nepal etc. We can offer very competitive medical services when compared with other countries.

What they have their, we have here. Our healthcare providers, surgeon and other fields they are quite high in standard and skill. So I don’t see any difference.  Many patients like from US, they send a lot of patient to us, the Embassy.  Majority of the obstetrics, I am the one who is taking care of it.  It may not be nice to talking to… but it is because they trust us.  Performance and quality of care we kept the patients under…… and allow them to, the clinic and the embassy, the people for expect to come here mouth by mouth.  Our hospital I think should be able to provide the same quality healthcare to anybody that expect and anybody who would like to know who seek for medical services.  The quality is high and is accredited by JCI and other organization and currently to the customer”

All the leading hospitals in Thailand offer state-of-the-art health care facilities and have doctors trained in western countries, having considerable experience in their fields. Hospitals have highly professional English speaking staff. Therefore communication is never an issue.

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