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Video Hospital Yanhee International – Bangkok, Thailand

Yanhee Hospital in Thailand has performed more plastic surgeries than any other in the world, it is very popular with foreigners due to low price & high quality of service. The hospital is ISO 9001 certified (European Quality Standards). This state of the art modern hospital is world famous for plastic, cosmetic and sex reassignment surgery. Scroll below for the video that gives a very good overview of the hospital history & what it offers.

Yanhee International Hospital, Bangkok

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Medical Tourism Corporation facilitates medical treatment at Yanhee Hospital in Thailand & other world class facilities. Submit a free quote request for more information.

Payment options at Yahnee

FULL PAYMENT is required before treatment/surgery.

*Exchange rate will vary per day and for credit cards it will depend on the card provider.

• Thai Baht, US dollars, Australian dollars, British pounds, Euro, and other major currencies are accepted.  If client wishes to use a currency not listed above, confirmation from the Yanhee Hospital coordinator must be obtained prior to arrival.
• Bills must be new, crisp, and free of wrinkles, tears, smudges, and ink-marks

• Client should inform his/her credit card provider ahead of time that he/she will be charging a large amount overseas.  Only the person with the name on the card can make use of the credit card.

• Only 20,000 THB can be withdrawn per day.  If a client’s projected bill is greater than this, the adequate amount must be withdrawn in the days preceding the appointment.

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