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Weight Loss Surgery Trip to Cancun, Mexico

Watch a renowned bariatric surgeon in Cancun, Mexico talk about expectations from a weight loss surgery trip to Cancun.

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Video Transcription

“Before you get to Cancun, you are going receive an email from the transportation service, where they are going to explain you how they will pick you up at the airport, where to be at. They will take you to your hotel.

The next morning, they will bring you to your check up at the hospital with myself and my team. They are going to do all the pre-op work – EKG, chest x-ray, draw some blood and you will have a medical evaluation, nutritionist, psychiatrist, everything. Then as soon as we get clearance of all the evaluations for your surgery, we will take you to the OR, do your bariatric surgery and usually you stay for two nights at the hospital. After that, you get discharged, two days after surgery. But before getting discharged, we do something called in bariatric surgery leaking test.

What we are going to do is, we are going to give you a blue dye, that you have to drink that we will check the drain for no leaks but also, we are going to an x-ray – live, dynamic x-ray where you will see your new stomach, how it works, how small it is and everything passes through very well, indeed there are no leaks.

After you get discharged, you have two options because this is paradise, you can stay for a couple of days and enjoy Cancun or we have lots of patients, the same day that they get discharged, they fly back home to the United States or Canada.

The places where we get most of our patients are the United States and Canada. But, particularly in Cancun, we get a lot of Canadians coming from Saskatchewan, Calgary, Alberta, even Vancouver and from the United States, we get a lot of patients coming from South Carolina, North Carolina, New York, Washington, Florida, this part of the coast.

But, we get patients from all over the United States and Canada but mostly those parts I was telling.”

Why Travel to Cancun, Mexico for Bariatric Surgery?

The reasons for opting for weight loss surgery in Cancun, Mexico include:

Massive Savings

Most of the bariatric procedures in the Mexico are available at 70% less than the US prices. Unlike States, there is no long waiting list.

Proximity to the US

Cancun is easily reachable from the USA. It is served by its own international airport (IATA: CUN, ICAO: MMUN) located in the state of Quintana Roo. Several direct flights are available to and from Cancun.

 A Tropical Vacation

The city is known for its serene beaches, delicious food and high-on-adrenaline adventure sports. So, you can enjoy a visit to this tropical paradise coupled with your bariatric surgery.

Each year Cancun attracts thousands of Americans and Canadians who undergo medical treatments, including weight loss surgery and other procedures in Cancun.

Watch another video of the Mexican bariatric surgeon discussing Cancun as a destination for weight loss surgery.

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