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Bariatric Surgery in Cancun – Mexico

Cost of Bariatric Surgery in Cancun

Bariatric surgery cost in Cancun varies from one procedure to another. However, as compared to cost of bariatric surgery in the US or in Canada, the cost in Cancun ranges between US $2100 to US $6895.

WLS Cost Comparison – Cancun vs US and Canada

Surgery Cancun USA Canada
Sleeve $4,495 $14,900 $15,424
Bypass $6,495 $23,000 $15,800
Balloon $3,300 $8,150 $11,500
Balloon Removal $2,100 $6,383 $8,000
Mini Gastric Bypass $6,395 $15,000 $15,000

Source: various online sources, including surgeon websites

From the above table, it is apparent that bariatric surgery prices in Cancun are 60-70% lower than in the United States or Canada.

Payment Options

✔ Cash (US dollars) ✔ Cashier’s check
✔ Credit card ✔ Debit card
✔ PayPal ✔ Wire transfers
✔ Bank deposit ✔ Bank transfers
Traveler’s checks or checks issued in non-US banks will not be accepted in Mexico. Cashier’s check from Canada and other countries are not acceptable because they can take up to six weeks to clear.

Package Inclusions for Weight Loss Surgery in Cancun

WLS Cost Includes
Surgical team fees Accompanying guest stay
Hospital fee Free phone calls and Wi-Fi
Hospital stay Online support
US-registered nutritionist program Hotel stay
Aftercare Loans and financing
Medications (1 week) Ground transfer
Pre- and post-op lab work WLS-friendly hotel meals


Free Hotel Stay

Procedure Hotel Night(s)
Gastric Sleeve 1
Gastric Sleeve Plication 1
Gastric Balloon 1
Gastric Bypass 1
Mini Gastric Bypass 1

According to an estimate s

Bariatric Surgery Trip to Cancun – How It Works

Here is a complete itinerary of your weight loss surgery trip to Cancun.

Before the Trip

  • Before you leave for your weight loss surgery, you’ll receive an email from the transportation service with details regarding when and where you’ll be picked up.
  • You will also be contacted by the nutritionist for a customized pre-op bariatric diet.

Day You Reach Cancun

After you reach the Cancun airport, you’ll be transferred to the hotel.

Day of Surgery

  • You’ll be brought to the hospital for check-ups by the bariatric surgeon and his team.
  • The team will do all the pre-op work:
    • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
    • Chest x-ray
    • Blood work
    • Medical assessments and evaluations by the nutritionist and psychiatrist
  • After getting the clearance, you will be taken to the operation theater for surgery.
  • During the surgery, the doctor will perform a leak test through endoscopy with blue dye and air pressure to detect any holes.
  • You’ll stay at the hospital for two nights (please note that gastric balloon is an outpatient procedure and does not require a hospital stay).

Two Days After Surgery

  • This is the day of hospital discharge.
  • The surgeon will perform a blue dye test and fluoroscopy (barium swallow) with hydrosoluble contrast to ensure there are no leaks.
  • The surgeon will also perform a live dynamic x-ray to to ensure the stomach is working properl, and also to be doubly sure that there are no pouch leaks.
  • After your discharge you can either spend a couple of days in Cancun and enjoy its scenic splendor or head back home just like many of our clients from the United States and Canada do.
Bariatric Surgery in Progress - Cancun
Bariatric Surgery in Progress – Cancun

Cancun’s Top Bariatric Surgeon

  • Dr. Hector Perez is a renowned bariatric surgeon in Cancun who has performed more than 3,000 weight loss surgical procedures in the past 12 years with zero complication rates.
  • He is an internationally trained and board-certified surgeon who did his medical internship at the Jackson Memorial Hospital, University of Miami, in 2001.
  • The dearth of well-trained bariatric surgeons in Mexico has made him a sought-after mentor for educating general surgeons in the field.
  • He is invited to all the major weight loss surgery training programs held in Mexico in which he demonstrates weight loss surgeries, besides imparting theoretical lectures on the subject.
  • The surgeon is also a prominent member of the IFSO.

About the Hospital

  • Your surgery will be performed at a state-of-the-art hospital Victoria in Cancun which is conveniently located just about 20 minutes from an alluring beach.
  • The hospital has a successful track record of 30+ years.
  • Located in a safe neighborhood, the hospital has well-appointed patient rooms.
  • It features the latest equipment, an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), emergency room and has nurses available on a 24*7 basis.
Patient Room - Hospital in Cancun - Mexico
Patient Room at the Hospital
The hurricane season in Cancun and Riviera Maya lasts from June 1 to November 30.

Useful Travel Information

  • Cancun is served by its own international airport (IATA: CUN).
  • The hospital where we facilitate weight loss surgery is just 25 minutes from the airport.
  • While most businesses accept US dollars, having some pesos in your pocket will always come in handy, especially for shopping at the local markets or zipping through the city on a bus.
  • While most of the eateries in the Hotel Zone provide purified water, when venturing out of the area exercise caution and stick to bottled water.
  • Pay attention to the color of beach flags; while green signifies safe waters for swimming, red and yellow depict caution and danger.
If you see a black beach flag, stay out of the waters.

Cancun’s popularity with international travelers has been on the rise. According to the Yucatan Times[2]The Yucatan Times
Cancun visitor growth strongest in the Americas: survey
“The surge in arrivals is predicted to continue, and reach 7.6 million in 2020, and nine million in 2025…”
View in Article
, the resort city is expected to receive 9 million international arrivals in 2025.

Th following chart shows the growth in the number of international visitors to the city:

International Visitors to Cancun

Broad Classification of Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgeries can be broadly classified as:

Restrictive Procedures

  • The main focus is to restrict the quantity of food the individual can eat.
  • This is done by physically limiting the capacity of the stomach to hold food.
  • Examples are gastric sleeve and gastric balloon.

Malabsorptive Procedures

  • Bariatric surgeries focusing on malabsorption involve either shortening or bypassing a portion of the small intestine which results in reduced absorption of nutrients and calories by the body.
  • An example of a malabsorptive bariatric surgery is biliopancreatic diversion with or without duodenal switch (BPD-DS).

Mixed Procedures

  • These are a combination of mild restriction and malabsorption.
  • Examples are Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and mini-gastric bypass.

Types of Weight Loss Surgery

Gastric Sleeve

  • Also known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG), the laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery is a restrictive weight loss surgery which involves removal of nearly 80% of the stomach.
  • The remnant stomach resembles a banana or a sleeve.
  • According to the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS)[3]American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery
    Bariatric Surgery Procedures“Most importantly, the rerouting of the food stream produces changes in gut hormones…”
    View in Article
    , while the gastric sleeve substantially reduces ones eating capacity, the greater impact is achieved by how the surgery alters the gut hormones that have a direct bearing on hunger levels as well as how soon you feel stated, along with the impact on blood sugar levels.
  • The surgery involves removal of a part of the stomach fundus which also eliminates the hunger-inducing hormone called ghrelin.

Gastric Sleeve in Cancun


  • Reduces the capacity of the stomach to hold food.
  • According to Cleveland Clinic, one can expect to lose 40 to 70% of excess weight within 1 year of the surgery.[4]Cleveland Clinic
    Gastric Sleeve Surgery
    “Depending on their pre-operative weight, patients can expect to lose between 40%…”
    View in Article
  • The clinic further states that the resolution of diabetes, hypertension and obstructive sleep apnea is observed in more than 75% of the individuals who undergo a gastric sleeve surgery. 


  • Non-reversible
  • Likelihood of long term vitamin deficiencies
  • Higher rate of complications than in adjustable gastric banding

Gastric Bypass

  • The “gold standard” of bariatric surgery, the Roux-en-Y bypass (RYGB) has two elements to it.
  • Firstly, a small pouch with a capacity of just an ounce or 30 millimeters is created out of the top portion of the stomach.
  • The bottom portion of the small intestine (jejunum) is dragged up and joined with the new stomach pouch.
  • The other end of the divided small intestine is joined with the small intestine further down, thereby giving it a Y shape (hence the name Roux-en-Y).
  • This causes a segment of the small intestine that absorbs calories and nutrients to be bypassed.
  • A combination of restriction (achieved by the small stomach pouch) and malabsorption (caused by rerouting the intestine) results in weight loss.
  • Additionally, rerouting the path through which food gets absorbed alters gut hormones that further helps curb hunger, promotes fullness despite eating smaller meals, and also reverses type 2 diabetes.


  • Substantial long-term weight loss (60 to 80% of excess weight loss, according to ASMBS)[3]American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery
    Bariatric Surgery Procedures “Produces significant long-term weight loss (60 to 80 percent excess weight loss)…”
    View in Article
  • Average maintenance of more than 50% of excess weight loss

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass in Cancun - Mexico


  • More complex than gastric sleeve and banding with higher complication rates
  • Long term nutritional deficiencies (vitamin B12, iron, folate, calcium)
  • Longer hospitals stay
If you’ve had a vertical sleeve or gastric bypass you will be required to take extra vitamins and minerals for the rest of your life.

Mini Gastric Bypass

  • Also known as One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass (OAGB), the mini gastric bypass surgery involves creating a smaller pouch out of the stomach and reconnecting it with the small intestine, bypassing 3 meters of it instead of 1.5 meters in the regular bypass.
  • While the traditional Roux-en-Y requires two connections, the mini bypass requires only one.


The International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO) states the following advantages of mini gastric bypass surgery:

  • Relatively simpler than RYGB
  • Shorter operating time
  • Fewer surgical complications compared to Roux-en-Y gastric bypass
  • More weight loss and better resolution rates of diabetes than Roux-en-Y bypass

Mini Gastric Bypass in Cancun - Mexico

The following table shows excess weight loss (in percent) post-mini-gastric bypass: [6]Carbajo MA, Luque-de-León E, Jiménez JM, Ortiz-de-Solórzano J
Laparoscopic One-Anastomosis Gastric Bypass: Technique, Results, and Long-Term Follow-Up in 1200 Patients.
“The highest mean percent excess weight loss was 88 % (at 2 years), then 77 and 70%, 6 and 12 years postoperatively…”
View in Article

Mean Percent Excess Weight Loss Follow-up
88% 2 years
77% 6 years
70% 12 years


Severe acid reflux caused by gastric juices traveling back from the intestine into the new stomach pouch.

Gastric Balloon

  • An intragastric balloon requires placing a saline-filled silicone balloon in the gastric space.
  • It aids in weight loss by making the individual feel full after eating small quantities of food.
  • It is preferred to gastric banding in individuals with a lower Body Mass Index (BMI) between 30 and 35.
  • The procedure involves sliding a narrow tube loaded with the deflated gastric balloon down your throat while making its way into the stomach.
  • This is followed by the insertion of an endoscopic (a flexi tube with a camera) down the throat and into the stomach.
  • The camera relays the video stream of the balloon to the surgeon as he fills it up with saline.
  • The procedure typically takes 30 minutes.


  • Reduced gastric emptying time
  • Changes in gut hormones that control appetite, thereby reducing hunger
  • Improvement or resolution of co-morbidities of obesity, including heart diseases, stroke, hypertension, sleep apnea and type 2 diabetes
Intragastric balloon procedure is done on an outpatient basis and does not require a hospital stay.


  • Pain and nausea post insertion of the balloon (reported by Mayo Clinic in about a third of the individuals)
  • Deflation of the balloon
  • Blockage of the digestive system caused by the deflation and displacement of the gastric balloon
  • Perforation of the stomach or ulceration, both of which require a surgery

Revision Weight Loss Surgery

Under some cases, failure of the initial bariatric surgery may require a second procedure or a revision procedure.

Check out this video in which the surgeon explains revision procedures:

Some of the popular revision weight loss surgeries are:

  • Gastric re-sleeve
  • Gastric sleeve to gastric bypass/mini gastric bypass
  • Lap band to gastric sleeve
  • Lap band to gastric bypass/mini gastric bypass
  • Gastric bypass to banded gastric bypass

For low-cost bariatric surgery Cancun, Mexico can be looked into. Contact us now for information!


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