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Texas Couple Reviews Sleeve Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana – Mexico (Part 2)

Part 2 of 2 part video series in which Coy and Susan from Lumberton, Texas review gastric sleeve weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. Click here for Part 1 of the video series.

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Video Transcription

Coy – I am Coy Collins and this is my wife…

Susan – Susan Collins. We are from Lumberton, Texas.

Coy – We came down to have the gastric sleeve surgery … the bariatric surgery. Well, it was highly recommended to us. Plus we saved a lot fo money. We saved about $10,000 coming down here to have the surgery. We both had the surgery for less than one of could have had in the United States.

Susan – I don’t known who will see this video. If it is anyone in the States having anxiety about going to another country to have a procedure – head and shoulders above what we get in the States. It is so professional and so impeccably clean.

Coy – There was never a problem with communication. All the nursing staff, doctors, everyone speaks excellent English. It was no problem communicating. It was heads and shoulders above anything I have received anywhere else.

Susan – The hotel is beautiful.

Coy – It overlooks a gorge and a golf course. Beautiful. The only regret is I haven’t had a chance to go and play golf. It is one of the most beautiful golf courses I have ever seen. I have been to Winston, South and North Carolina, I have been to LA, I have been to Phoenix. This golf course is beautiful. It is gorgeous. The hotel is magnificent.

Susan – It goes on forever.

Coy – Yeah. Everybody just waits on you like you are royalty.

Susan – The gentleman that checked us in when we were coming in was in suit and tie, was very professional. Everyone takes such pride in everything they do. It is not “oh I have got to go to work today.” It is up here. Up here in providing help to people, in providing services. And they are very good at it.

Coy – For all those who are going to see this, I got to tell you my wife says – Dr. Camelo is easy, very easy guy.

Susan – So is Dr. Reyna.

Coy – He is too. But she was very taken with Dr. Camelo. Karen has been wonderful. She is just there to see that everything comes off without a hitch. Rosa – you can’t ask for a better companion at the hospital. She is constantly looking on at you, making sure all your needs are met. Making sure everything is perfect. I am just so happy with everything. We couldn’t have gone anywhere else and gotten treated better.

Susan – It is a beautiful city. Tijuana is beautiful.

Coy – It was a concern of mine coming here. I was concerned how we were going to get here. And we already had arrangements made. They texted us, emailed us our contact person. When we got here we texted them and said, “K, we are picking our luggage up.

They asked us to walk outside, told us what end they were in and they were there in minutes and delivered us right to the hotel. We never had to touch our bags again once we got off the carousel. Everything was taken care of. Oh, absolutely. I would not hesitate to recommend any of my family and friends. If you are thinking about doing the bariatric surgery, this is where you need to come.

They take very good care of you here. Your money is well spent here. People wait on you like you are somebody, like you are important. You are the most important person for them and they have to talk to you then. It does not matter what is going on – you are the most important thing in their life then.

Here is another video in which two sisters from Texas review gastric sleeve in Tijuana, Mexico.

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