Testimonial – Mexico for Weight Loss Surgery

Medical tourism in Mexico is growing at a consistent rate as lots of patients are coming to the country for various healthcare treatments at affordable price.  Many people suffering from obesity problems are choosing Mexico for weight loss surgery.

Check out the video in which Carolyn from Arizona tells her story of weight loss surgery in Mexico and how she was assisted by medical tourism Co during her weight loss journey.



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Video Narration of the Testimonial

“My name is Carolyn. I am 48 years old. I live in Arizona. I run a non-medical home care company here in town which my sister and I own, Raised here in Arizona for all my life.

I went to Tijuana.  It was great, it was great.  I had a …..  sheela.  She was always in contact with me, emailing back and forth.  You know anytime you have to go for something medical and unknown. I travel to Mexico all the time and I wasn’t worried about that you know you start thinking about surgeries down there and that kind of stuff, it tends to make people scared and so …. She gave me all the information I wanted.

I did a lot of research, I did a lot of online things about the doctor I was going to have, where I was going, there was good and bad but you know there is good and bad in America.  There are complications anywhere. I didn’t have any.  My girlfriend and I were together and she had her surgery done as well and she didn’t have any complications either.  We are really happy with that.

Make fun of me but many people discouraged me.  You know there is so much hype about how horrible Mexico is, and it’s not. It’s completely safe.  You know there are hotspots in Mexico off course but u look at the great scheme of life, we have crime here in United States, there is crime everywhere. It’s no ways to be afraid and what would I tell everybody, I am like give me a break. Didn’t get car jacked right here at wall mart.  Just because you are in Mexico doesn’t make any difference.

I didn’t stay in the recovery house which was my choice. It was there and was an option and I met many people that were having the surgery and that were there and were very pleased with recovery house. I chose to go to a hotel just because I ….. onto rush with me.  I had myself and two other girlfriends and another friends and her friends. U know actually I was planning to go to beach the day after the surgery.”

Mexican hospitals are well equipped with advanced cutting edge technology, and have internationally trained doctors. Low cost of bariatric surgery in Mexico is one major reason why many people come to the country to get rid of their obesity related problems.

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