Lap Band Surgery in Tijuana Testimonial by Dina

Lot of Medical tourists are coming to Mexico for weight loss surgery.  With well-trained doctors and well-equipped hospitals offering lap band surgery in Tijuana, rise of medical tourist in the region has become consistent.

Here is the video, where Dina from Portland, Oregon, shares her experience about gastric band surgery in Tijuana – Mexico.



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Video Narration of Dina

“My name is Dina and I come from Portland, Oregon and I had a lap band surgery done in Tijuana, Mexico.  Everything went fine, I have had some pain her and there but I have been wanting to do this for a while.

For once, in Oregon it’s way so much expensive and annoying and I come from Romania so I am ok with going somewhere else unlike other people, they are too scared, but I am not. I think everything worked fine.

It was about two and a half hours from Portland Oregon to here. Flying to San Diego, a guy came and picked us up at the airport brought us to the border and everything went just fine.

Yes they were nice talking and explaining everything, than we get to know about the procedure and all that.

I came yesterday morning around 7, they picked us from the airport and after 11 sometime we had the surgery and we stayed at this hospital for one night. And then I get here the guest house another night and I guess I will be going home tomorrow if everything ok.”

Low cost of gastric banding in Mexico is a major factor, which attracts lot of medical tourists from different western countries like US, UK and Canada, to fly to Mexico for excellect medical services at affordable cost.

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