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Stem Cells for Liver Disease in Mexico

The liver is essential and the only organ in the body that can regenerate on its own. However, due to persistent liver disease, its potency to regenerate gets is highly affected.

There are many types of liver diseases like fatty liver, cirrhosis, hepatitis infection, etc. which can affect the efficiency of the liver. Stem Cell Treatment for Liver Disease in Mexico has the potential to treat patients suffering from this disease.

Stages of Liver Disease

A person can suffer from liver disease that is on any stage, in the end, the functionality of the liver is compromised.

  • Inflammation: A healthy liver fights infections, helps in digestion and aids eradication of toxic waste from the body. When the liver is inflamed, it becomes enlarged and tender. It is hard to diagnose an inflamed liver as there are usually no symptoms to it.
  • Fibrosis: The inflamed liver then begins scarring. Excess scar tissue replaces the normal liver. The whole process is coined as fibrosis. Diagnosis and treatment in this stage can prevent further damage to the liver.
  • Cirrhosis: The scar hardens further and liver functionality is highly affected. A number of symptoms indicate liver cirrhosis like water build-up in legs and abdomen, itchy skin which gets bruised easily, vessels bursting due to blockage, develop jaundice, etc.
  • Liver cancer: Cirrhosis or other chronic liver diseases like hepatitis A and B can lead to Liver cancer and it may advance to other parts of the body if left untreated.
  • Liver Failure: The last stage is that liver fails completely which is a life-threatening condition.

How can Stem Cells treat Liver Disease?

Stem cells can help the liver to regain its lost power of regeneration. A study[1]Yoon Ok Jang, Young Ju Kim, Soon Koo Baik
Histological improvement following administration of autologous bone marrow‐derived mesenchymal stem cells for alcoholic cirrhosis: a pilot study
” Bone marrow‐derived mesenchymal stem cells therapy in alcoholic cirrhosis induces a histological and quantitative improvement of hepatic fibrosis…”
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showed that mesenchymal cells derived from bone marrow are effective in improving hepatic fibrosis in patients suffering from alcoholic cirrhosis.

The doctors associated with Medical Tourism Corporation are well trained in extracting and administering stem cells for the treatment of various diseases like Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Diabetes, Sclerosis, etc.

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